Band Of The Day: Ackerman Releases New Song "Tiger Traps"

Ackerman is an experimental rock group that has opened its doors to musicians, artists

and filmmakers alike the origins of Ackerman was originally a solo project and a pseudonym of Boston-born producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jordan McAfee-Hahn. Ackerman made a name for itself in the Brooklyn scene with eclectic shows and changing lineups, involving family members, roommates, and friends who were available to lend a hand on stage. In 2014, Ackerman’s first LP was released later followed by a release in 2017. Their singles have received positive acclaim so make sure to check them out. “Tiger Traps” is an upbeat almost dreamy 80’s meets disco meets 2018 EDM. A very eclectic mix of sounds and textures. Vocals are incorporated in this track as well which heightens the dance vibe of it all. A subtle key change is made between pauses which causes a shift of direction. This has a great effect on the track itself where it captures the listeners attention and makes them take a whole interest into the track. Don’t forget to add "Tiger Traps" to your favorite playlist on Spotify!

List to Ackerman's new song "Tiger Traps" and check out our #BuzzMusic exclusive interview with Ackerman!

Hey guys, care to tell us a little about how you all got connected and formed Ackerman?

N: Hey Buzz LA! For me it was watching and admiring Matti & Jordan playing music, and then somehow becoming friends with them and starting to hang out more and more, and over the course of playing Mario Party, cooking food together, and watching Danger 5, working on music together.

J: Ackerman is a band/collective/book club/blob that I started in college. I was looking for an outlet that satisfied both the solitary and social nature of music making, from solo project to band to multimedia collective to cooking hangs. Matti lived with me while I was playing empty solo shows around NYC with no "band" in sight, and Nardo came along a couple years later when the project had kind of coalesced as a band thingy (our friend, Dom, was playing with us at the time). It was super organic, because we're best friends... just hanging out doing music stuff and non-music stuff. One thing I love about the project is that a ton of friends have contributed to the project, whether through adding a small part to a track, or directing a music video, or working with me on album art, or anything! It's magical! 

Where has been your favorite city to perform and why?

J: What I've learned from touring is that the best shows are about the people. When people come out with open minds and hearts, it doesn't matter where it is. I always love the tight-knight art communities in smaller cities the best cause they know how to party- we've made incredible friends in the Burlington and Baltimore scenes. Blacksburg, Virginia blew me away as well when we played there- so many incredible open-minded people. 

N: It does really depends on where we play and who comes out to see us. My favorite shows are the ones where we get our friends to come out and support us, no matter where. New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Burlington, and Blacksburg have all been fantastic to play in because our homies came out to support and we threw down.

With your new EP coming out on November 16th - how do you feel this project is different from what you've released in the past?

J: It has a different lineup, for one thing! Selectivity was huge too- I think it's really easy (especially for me) to continue adding to songs until they can't bear it anymore, and something is lost. For this record, everything felt meticulously chosen, and we were way more discerning about what the song needed. The record has an energy that is captured from our live shows, which is new for the project. It still feels so relevant to where I am in my life, even now that it's been done for awhile. I usually feel the opposite about finished records as soon as they're finished. 

N: I think we’ve grown a lot and become a better creative team. It’s the same energy, curiosity and drive, just more focused and a little more selective. 

Can you tell us the meaning behind "Tiger Traps"?

J: The name first came about from a friend of mine, Ko, who was recording music under that name in high school. I loved it because it reminded me of Calvin & Hobbes... when he contributed music to this song years later I thought it would be a great fit name-wise. But then, as the lyrics came together, I realized that the imagery within the lyrical content of the song was really vivid and related to the name as well. The nature of discourse and argumentation today is very feral, and that idea started to poke its head out in the track while I was writing it. It was a temp name that stuck I guess. That seems to happen a lot with Ackerman songs. 

What do you have in store for 2019?

J: Why tell? It spoils all the fun! 

N: We’re cooking up plans! It’s a secret.

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