Band Of The Day: Cavern Company

In the spring of 2015 Oklahoma City natives, Zach Shomaker, Kolby Yarbrough, and Joshua Warren began collaborating on the project that would become Cavern Company. Following college graduation, the twenty-somethings found an aligned passion for the importance of music and the role it plays in the human experience. After choosing to pursue music as more than just a pastime, a sound was quickly fostered that is not only heard but felt, this being the mission of the band.

Iconic in its origins, Cavern Company's sound is derived from classics such as Chic, while still maintaining the modern accessibility of artists such as Phoenix, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Killers. The band views the lyrical content to be equally as essential as the instrumentation for all of their music. Writing songs with lyrics that are filled with as much hope as there is candor is a chief desire for Cavern Company. Vocalist Zach Shomaker said, "I have had multiple instances in my life where a song has had profound significance during some of my roughest moments because an artist chose to be honest. And in the same way, we want to write that song for someone else."

While the young artists have spent an extensive amount of time out of the limelight in their

beginnings to write and record, they always come alive in front of an audience. They view crafting and performing a live show to be a vital piece of their musicality, artistry and interaction with their fans. Just after finishing the construction of their recording studio the Summer of 2015, they recorded and produced their single, Dancing in the Dark which was independently released in March 2016. Later the same year, recording began for the band's first EP at The Closet Studios in Bixby, OK with producer, Kendal Osborne. The EP, Tension, was released July 8, 2017 and was celebrated with a sold out release show at The Venue in Oklahoma City. With the release of Tension, 2017 was a momentous year of performing many shows and festivals including a slot at Norman Music Fest and headlining a bill at Oklahoma City's newly renovated Tower Theatre.

Coming off of the strong release Cavern Company only has bigger plans for 2018. Rather than releasing another album, they have decided to release a string of singles along with creative video work to bring more entertainment to their fans and future fans and to explore new ways to thrive in today's fickle music industry. The band is currently performing both locally and regionally to publicize their 2018 single releases.

Connect with Cavern Company on social media:

Website: www.caverncompany.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5CvTajlqHQaJvphSEvU904

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caverncompany

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caverncompany/

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