Band On The Rise: VildirHeart

VildirHeart is an alternative pop band originating from Stockholm, Sweden and has had a

digital release of their EP “Flowers From the North” in 2016 which has 5 of their tracks on it. In

2018, VildirHeart released 2 covers, “Norwegian Wood” by The Beatles and “Blame It On Bad Luck”, by Bayside. The band has had airplay on Swedish national radio and on internet based radio stations as well as student radio stations in the U.S. Some of VildirHeart’s influences include

music from early American 70’s music and from current bands such as “Florence and the

Machine” and “Of Monsters and Men” to name a few.

Blame It On Bad Luck” was recently released by the band and it allows them to

bring a favorite in a new light. “Norwegian Wood” is also a classic and it brings in an indie sound with its light an folky guitar melodies. The band allows room for creativity and new sound on

already well-established songs. The whole vibe of the band is very indie and folky which makes

for a cool sound for your playlist. Their arrangements are beautiful and have a unique tone and

quality to it that calms the listener with their gentle and almost whimsical sound. We can't wait to hear what's next from VildirHeart.

VildirHeart will be releasing a Christmas Song EP next month just in time for the holidays! Be sure to keep them on your radar, it's something you don't want to miss.

Hi VildirHeart!, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Karin: We are an alternative pop band from Haninge 2 km south of Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city. We started out as a family band way back in 2010, including my daughter Maia, she was 17 then, singing amazing soprano lead vocals. Since 2015 we are just the 3 of us: me, as the song writer and pianist/organ player, and doing some vocals now and then, Fredrik, my son, on lead vocals and bass, Joakim on guitars.

Fredrik: My influences are from pop-punk like Blink 182, rock like The Killers and also british rock like Oasis.

Karin: My inspiration is from bands like Mike Oldfield, Nick Drake, Florence And the Machine, Of Monsters And Men and others and Joakim has studied both jazz, rock and soulmusic, which all makes it a perfect blend.

How has living in Sweden influenced your music career?

Ever since ABBA’s huge world wide success in the 70’s, which I grew up with, Swedish song writers and artists top chart lists all over the world. Roxette, Robyn, Avicii (Tim Bergling), Max Martin, First Aid Kit and many more. We have many to be inspired by, though we are a small country. Maybe it is our long, dark winters when we spend hours inside writing melancholy songs...When I grew up it was easy to find classes after school where to learn playing an instrument and joining an orchestra or a band. I also learned music from my parents. Then with Internet, it became easy to find new connections and what country you live in is not that important anymore.

How would say your music has progressed since you started?

I started writing songs when I was twelve. But this is my one and only band experience :) I guess we kept focus on the lyrics all the way but have become more and more settled in our own sound and as a song writer I feel more and more comfortable writing, as if I got the musical vision clearer and clearer, and already know where we are heading when I start writing on a new idea. Joakim’s guitar tracks are of biggest importance when it comes to fulfilling the idea of a song, and has been so from the very beginning when he joined the band in 2013. Fredrik taking over lead vocals is also a very good step in the right direction. Sometimes you just keep on doing what you do and see where it leads you.

Where has been your favorite city to perform in and why?

That must be Hrinova, a small village in Slovakia. An old house, painted pink, looked very hippie-like, in where we performed in a yoga studio in the attic. The whole perfomance was pure magic, at least to us, and I guess for the audience too because they never stopped clapping after we finished. The guy who welcomed us and had prepared with selling tickets, the jam session with our driver after our performance, the vibe in the venue, the special made ginger tea they gave me at the piano - it was all so great. Though we got locked in during the night, which was a bit scary, it still is my favourite memory. We all slept on stage under beautifully coloured Indian curtains. This was in early April. The next day I woke up by a rooster nearby, and could also hear goats. It was a Sunday morning, we heard the local church bells ringing and people singing a cappella - church doors stood open - everything was just beautiful and gave us so much in our hearts to bring back.

What's next for the band?

We just recorded five Christmas songs, four of them in Swedish and one in English. All classic loved ones. Can’t wait to share them! They are atm in a mixing process. Next year we plan to finish and start arranging 6 new songs, for recording in the summer, to be released as a row of singles during fall 2019 and spring 2020. Looking forward a lot!

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