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Baps University Takes on Weekly Releases, Highlighting Their Project “Quarantine Tape 4”

Hanford California collective BAPS University is taking on quite the intriguing task to pass the time. With the release of their recent project “Quarantine Tape 4”, the duo consisting of Sir 7000 and Ambeeka has vowed to release a 7-track tape each Friday until the lockdown is suspended. As we were instantly fascinated by BAPS University’s dedication to music, we decided to experience a tape for ourselves. Highlighting their project “Quarantine Tape 4”, the project begins with “WE (prod. Purls)” that serves both Ambeeka’s soothing flow and Sir 7000’s finely-tuned bars and delivery. From the jump we’re incredibly impressed by BAPS University’s ability to create textured music within a short period of time. Moving into hard-hitting trap beats with “Been (prod. Brashawn)”, Sir 7000’s fluent and sultry flow brings in a high energy atmosphere that we’re all missing in reality. While Ambeeka gives a fun-loving and sensual vibe that brings out the best in BAPS University’s well-rounded talent. Moving into “ON (prod. Sir 7000)”, this track takes us on a dreamy journey through Sir 7000’s transcendent production and complex delivery. Ambeeka’s slightly filtered vocals at the chorus give the track an authentic and modern feel that paves the way for versatile female rappers/vocalists. Onto the next track “THAT (prod. Sir 7000)”, taking a slower and more serene turn to “Quarantine Tape 4”. Once again Sir 7000’s layered production blows us out of the water, while his flow brings a darker aspect that evens out the project's overall atmosphere. Giving “Quarantine Tape 4” a groovy R&B feel with the next track “SOCIAL (prod. Chris Winston)”. With light and chiming background keys that give dynamic range to the project, both Sir 7000 and Ambeeka serve nothing but bliss. As we arrive at “DISTANCING ft. Caliboybam (prod. Chris Winston)”, the track is almost split into two with a hard-hitting trap beat into something more soothing. Reaching the final track “SHXT (prod. Chris Winston)”, the vibes are at an all-time high with dreamy production and BAPS University’s limitless talent. The duo has taken us on a catchy and intoxicating ride, and we’re nothing but impressed with BAPS University’s persistence to providing music when we need it most.

You can listen to "Quarantine Tape 4" here.



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