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“Bartender Therapy” By Elise Harper Paints A Contemporary, Poignant & Heartfelt Story

Elise Harper’s latest single “Bartender Therapy” has been available on streaming platforms since January 5, 2024.  Along with the song, a music video was released to YouTube March 23, 2024. Elise has dedicated this short film to her best friend and cowriter, Craig Wilson, who unexpectedly passed March 23, 2023.  There is nothing more she wants than to honor Craig’s memory and “Bartender Therapy” was always his favorite song. 


“Bartender Therapy” is by far the most classic country tune that Elise has produced. The acoustic guitar, piano, and percussion introduce a song that is heart-felt and relatable. When the kiss of pedal steel enters the mix you instantly feel you are sitting in a dive bar with a broken heart ready to drown your sorrows. Elise’s mellow, evocative voice, and stirring lyrics will pull at your heart strings, arousing strong memories.


“Bartender Therapy” was written by Elise Harper, Sarah Jones, Jason Lane, and Craig Wilson. The song was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, on music row in the famous Sienna Recording Studios; produced by Craig Wilson, mixed by Tim Brennan, and mastered by David Veslocki. Instrumentalists on the song include Ryan DeMers playing electric guitar and pedal steel, Craig Wilson playing piano, Bryan Good on drums and percussion, Christopher Donohue playing bass, and Zach Moody on acoustic guitar and providing background vocals.


Story telling has always been Elise’s favorite part of music. The opportunity to capture “Bartender Therapy” in video form feels transformational. Elise would like to thank videographer, Joey Jacob and the JACO Collective team, for the incredible job they did portraying Elise’s vision on screen. Elise has partnered with Joey on several projects and finds him a joy to work with. Joey is as professional as they come, always making the set a fun, warm, and safe space to be truly authentic.

The music video was filmed at Party Fowl, a local Nashville restaurant, where Elise has worked as a server and bartender. Elise would like to thank Austin Smith, owner of Party Fowl, for allowing her to film in his establishment. She loves the company, their core values, and her co-workers, some of whom premiered in the video! She feels beyond blessed to have worked at Party Fowl. If you are ever in Nashville she recommends that you stop and enjoy the food and atmosphere at one of their several locations.

The opening scene of the video finds Elise in her therapist’s office talking through her problems. The scene cuts to Elise at a bar with her friends talking over drinks. Elise’s phones continually buzzes with text messages from her ex who has decided that he wants to come back into her life. She has struggled and worked hard to get over him. Elise flips the phone over and ignores the messages; she is working to put the past behind her; working to heal from the pain.

As the video continues you see scenes flashing back and forth of Elise in her therapy sessions, attempting to work through her feelings alternating with shots of Elise hanging with her friends at the bar trying to move on. One of the friends sitting at the table notices a handsome stranger at the bar looking over at Elise. She gestures to Elise, who turns around and smiles in approval.

As the video progresses Elise’s ex fails to get the message as she continues to ignore his texts. The bartender continues serving more rounds to Elise and her friends, including the handsome stranger, who smiles as he sips his whiskey at the bar.


At the end of the video, you see the handsome stranger sitting at the bar with his drink holding the hand of the bartender. As the camera pans out it reveals Elise as the bartender, a fun, unexpected twist. The video ends with Elise happily smiling at her new love interest.


The “Bartender Therapy” music video tells a contemporary, poignant, heartfelt story. The memorable music, beautifully shot videography, and relatable storyline draws you in, making it hard to look away.


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