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BARUCH Sets out to Motivate and Inspire People Around the Globe With New Release “Safe & Sound"

BARUCH is a highly talented and skilled guitarist, singer, and worship leader. BARUCH travels over 35 countries, every year on tour doing worship and revival nights since the beginning of 2019. Born in Managua, Nicaragua, BARUCH quickly fell in love with the Latin music presented around him and picked up quite a bit of guitar skill during this time. He has been touring from the age of 16 in Latin bands playing guitar, a life-changing encounter with Jesus had changed him forever. Quickly after, he moved to Los Angles, California, and began a new musical career. Within this newly changed BARUCH came his newest single “Safe & Sound”. Still staying true to his guitar skills, BARUCH presents himself in a new pop sound in “Safe & Sound”.

Starting with ambiance and a riser, “Safe & Sound” has a calming, yet explosive beginning. We can hear a nice guitar pattern, alongside a very pleasant drum beat. In “Safe & Sound”, there is also a lot of instrumentals from synthesizers and electronic instruments being used, which overall gives the song a welcoming feel, while maintaining a unique sound. The first time we heard the instrumental to “Safe & Sound” it made us feel some sort of nostalgia. Furthermore, BARUCH’s vocal performance on this song is very solid. His voice is present when it needs to be like in the verses, but it blends in with the instrumental perfectly in the choruses. Collectively, “Safe & Sound” has all the right attributes and presents BARUCH with a certain sound that only he could produce.

Listen to "Safe & Sound” here.

Hey BARUCH! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we are more than excited to be representing you and your latest single “Safe & Sound”. Presenting yourself as a new sound and artist is hard, but you seem to have done a great job in doing so. What was the most difficult thing musically from your past to get over when re-creating yourself?

Thanks for your feedback! It has been an exciting journey. The biggest challenge when stepping into this new chapter in my career and my purpose was to learn to trust the process and not be discouraged when things take time to happen and to also welcome change with open arms. I think as humans we tend to resist change and cling to normality because it's familiar even when it's unhealthy. As creatives, we should never let an accolade, accomplishment, or successful season define who we are since that can lead to a danger of dwelling in the past and losing focus on what's next. I always believe the best is yet to come. These last two years of doing my tours across the world and uniting people of all races and backgrounds to sing together and call on the name of Jesus as one voice has been the greatest season of my life. I believe what I am a part of now is bigger than myself and bigger than anything I could have imagined when I decided to be a musician at a young age.

In “Safe & Sound”, listeners definitely get the feeling of comfort and acceptance. Is this something that you plan to achieve in all of your songs? Or do you have other songs that are supposed to make your listeners feel a different type of way?

Each song is unique and has a unique message but the narrative will stay consistent throughout all of my upcoming music. I have one simple message: HOPE.

I want my music to offer hope to all people, and to be like a light at the end of the tunnel. Music is powerful, and music that can lead you to a place of reflection and awareness of the goodness of God changes people. Many people have labeled Christian music as cheesy and to be honest, most of it is. My mission is to create a sound that is like a palate cleanser for their ears. As we write these songs the aim is not to write "the next big hit" but rather to write songs that are genuine and musically brilliant, even if that doesn't fit in the unfortunate small box of our genre that has been so ferociously franchised.

Previously mentioned before, you said that you lead worship teams in CA and other Countries. Could you tell us a little more about your experiences with that, and how it has helped you musically?

For the last two years, I have been leading teams in California at local worship nights, and mainly on my international tours. So far, I have toured in 39 countries.

Every tour is different, I usually will have new and different musicians with me in every country. I travel alone many times, and sometimes when the budget is bigger I can travel with a drummer and keyboard player from LA and then find other musicians in each country to join at our concerts. This is very challenging but even more rewarding. Leading teams of people to play on stage with me from different languages and different musical backgrounds is extremely fun and also a huge learning experience. This opportunity to collaborate with over 200 musicians worldwide has helped me grow as a musician and as a leader. For example, three weeks ago I returned from a very successful tour across Brazil where I had to learn the language to sing our songs in Portuguese. I was fortunate to travel with two LA musicians and five amazing local Brazilian musicians who joined us the entire time and made this an unforgettable experience.

With the release of “Safe & Sound”, will an album soon follow? Or do you have any plans of collaboration?

My amazing team and I are working on releasing new music every 6-7 weeks. Before releasing a full-length record, we will release at least 3 more singles. I can't disclose the full details yet, but there is one amazing collaboration in the works which I am super excited for! I'm currently quarantined at my home in LA and writing many songs and using this time as a creative space without regular distractions. At this pace, I believe a full record can be expected by August 2020.



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