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Bask in the Passion of Stephània's Sweet Single, "Tell Me"

The Boston-based r&b/soul artist and singer-songwriter Stephània serenades our souls with her emotional and relatable third studio single entitled "Tell Me."

Currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Stephània plans to move out west to Los Angeles after graduating in order to pursue her blossoming solo career. Growing up, Stephània was immersed in the sounds of Motown, funk, and r&b, all of which perfectly shine through in her eclectic and magnetic releases today.

Recently releasing her sweet and soulful single, "Tell Me," listeners are able to form a solid introduction with the young singer-songwriter as she wears her heart on her sleeve while wishing for an ex to make his return. The shimmering r&b instrumentals perfectly enhance Stephània's honest and vulnerable lyricism, making for a soothing and relatable listening experience.

Expanding on the single, "Tell Me," the song gently opens with the softest of r&b instrumentals that glimmer like a diamond in the sun. As Stephània makes her tender and angelic vocal appearance, she begins to serenade us with lyrics that touch on the cold chills and painful emotions that come with a yearning for her ex-lover to return.

As Stephània continues her soulful and passionate lyrical venture, the plucky guitars and chilling keyboard melodies float down from above while perfectly settling underneath Stephània's powerful vocal delivery and enhancing her honest and vulnerable words. As the song comes to a lush ending, Stephània leaves us in awe of her brilliant vocal delivery and the song's chilling r&b atmosphere.

Allow Stephània to peel back the layers of your heart with her passionate third studio single, "Tell Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Stephània. What an enthralling and captivating experience you've delivered with your recent single, "Tell Me." What inspired you to create this honest and vulnerable piece?

1. Wow, thank you so much for your lovely compliments on "Tell Me!" I wrote this song during the Summer of 2019 while I was back in my hometown in Cyprus. It was right after my significant other and I decided that it would be best for us to part ways. However, being back home gave me the space that I needed and the time to think; which made me realize how much I still desired him and wanted what we had to not be over anymore.

Did you encounter any personal challenges when opening your heart and writing your vulnerable lyrics for "Tell Me?" Or was it easy for you to convey these profound emotions?

I tend to be very conversational and direct in my songwriting. As much as I love indirect/metaphorical lyricism it just feels more natural to me to be very descriptive about the story I'm telling. Introducing 'Tell Me' for the first time to my band and family definitely put me in a vulnerable position but once it all came together and was released for people to listen to, it just felt right. No matter how "revealing" I am about my personal story, I think it's what makes my listeners want to listen to my music.

What was it like creating the instrumentals for "Tell Me" remotely, alongside the various musicians and producers? What did this creative process look like?

I started producing "Tell Me" on Zoom sessions when the pandemic first began, with one of my very good friends Riccardo Gresino who also plays keyboard on the song. It was definitely a challenge, trying to bring all our musical ideas together in order to make a piece of music from scratch as we were all in different countries at the time. The bassist was in New York, the guitarist was in Brazil, the keyboardist was in Italy, the drummer was in Boston and I was in Cyprus. So what we did was come up with a basic draft idea and I recorded draft vocals, I sent it to my musicians and they all sent me back their recordings. Making music like that can be difficult as you're not in the same room as your musicians, so sometimes people aren't on the same page as each other. However, when I came back to Boston, I met an amazing mixing engineer, Flo Mavridorakis, who used the recordings we already had and brought the song to another level. He made it sound like we all recorded in the same room, on the same day, because it feels like all of us on the track are very much tied together.

How does "Tell Me" contrast your previous singles "Boy" and "Best Part?" What makes "Tell Me" stand out from your other two releases?

"Boy" was my first single, it has a little more of an upbeat and fun vibe while it still tells you the story, as it happened! It was also fully produced by CARRTOONS so I wasn't as involved in the making of it. I feel like lyrically and musically, 'Tell Me' shows maturity and growth in my writing and musicality and I also got to co-produce it, so I feel even more connected to it. The story it tells also means very much to me as it got me through what was happening during the time I wrote it. 'Best Part' is an arrangement of H.E.R.' s and Daniel Caesar's original version of the song that I did with some incredible musicians at college 2 years ago.

What's next for you?

My plan right now is to finish my last semester of college and then move to Los Angeles in California to pursue my career in performing and songwriting even further! I dream of working with some of my favorite artists and playing at bigger venues.


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