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Bask in the Unforgettable Moments With Elana Brody's Vibrant Single "Rock Steady"

Photo Credit: Luis Hernandez, Wenox Media

Growing up on a farm in the least populated county east of the Mississippi River, Elana Brody learned to sing with family and friends from sitting around the campfire.

Switching over to a city lifestyle, her life’s events took her to NYC, where she began performing at every open mic night she could find. Between that and busking on street corners and subway platforms, Elana Brody realized the pull that she has as she began to draw her audiences in with intuitive, improvised performances that channeled a magnetism deep within her subconscious.

Giving her a sense of wholeness, the belief that all things in this world are bound by something greater lies at the heart of Elana Brody’s music.

Exuding a vibrant sense of liveliness that tumbles from the spellbinding charm of her latest single, “Rock Steady,” Elana Brody takes us into the summertime warmth with an anthem that has the influence to entangle you in its intoxicating whirlwind of effervescence.

Dripping in a confident sense of self, the upbeat essence that’s her most recent release takes a distinctive turn with the refocused energy that’s transmitted throughout the harmonious croons before us.

The buoyant Pop/House soundscape comes to us from a place of good intentions, and basking in unforgettable memories. We hear the bolstered atmosphere of “Rock Steady” illuminate major waves of golden hues and uplifting tenors, as you’re invited into a groove-fueled universe. Submerging us in a wave of ecstasy, as the protruding bliss welcomes you into a utopia filled with beach-themed imagery, you realize just how compelling the angelic vocal tone of Elana Brody truly is.

Expressing her lyrical motifs to us in a manner that has us feasting upon the imaginative sketches that fill the mental opus in our mind, Elana Brody’s timbres hold an empowering grasp as they navigate us through the significant peaks that the melodies of “Rock Steady” convey.

Welcome to BuzzMusic and congratulations on the release of “Rock Steady,” ElanaBrody. We love the upbeat themes that get delivered to the listener as you make it impossible to not get consumed by the music. Where did the inspiration for this particular record stem from?

Thank you! I love that you love it, and I love it too. This song came through me like a force of nature, and I allude to that force in the lyrics as well. Because the central inspiration for this song was my love for an on-stage drummer, the song had to have its own "rhythm to ride" and it does! I wrote this as an ode to the drummer, to the rhythm, to the dancefloor, and to the feeling you feel when wanting and fantasy overtakes you. We worked hard to find the right sounds to pull the listener in, and keep us on the journey because this song is all about wanting that "rhythm to ride."

Being part of an EP that you wrote during the pandemic, what inspired you to lead the collection of songs with this particular single? What does “Rock Steady,” say about you as an artist?

"Rock Steady" represents an energetic and sassy side of me that often shows up much more in my personal life, than in my songwriting. In a way, that's why I am so pleased to lead with it. In my life, I am the person you want at your event to get people out on the dance floor. I am the shameless freak in NYC that sings and dances while walking down the street. My best days are when I am able to make people smile and laugh, when I have loving conversations with strangers, and when I can bring more joy to the world! Somehow, after a year-plus, of utter despair and tragedy - I couldn't help but choose "Rock Steady" as the single to start off with. It's like handing everyone a red rose and saying, "Please just breathe this in and let a little pleasure into your life. You deserve it!!" Though it is a lightweight pop song in many respects, it also glimmers with the depth that I carry into my other writing, as well. It's hard for me to not try to dig for a deeper meaning when writing lyrics, even in pop. In this, I call forth the majesty of nature and the ache of longing - and I think you'll find those two themes pretty well represented in all of my upcoming music. I am really excited to share with you the songs I wrote during the pandemic, as I feel they strike my heart's chords more honestly than I ever have before. But for now, please, let's just dance.

The way you embrace the instrumentation is remarkable with how you manage to transition between the peaks and valleys of the beat! It makes for a great listening experience. What was it like working with this producer and engineer in order for the song to flow the way it does?

Dominic Fallacaro is a fantastic producer, and a brilliant pianist to boot, who I trusted fully with the tune. Working with him was easy - he likes to drive the ship but is totally open to my creative input and changes. We worked together for the first time earlier this year, he orchestrated and produced my Hebrew prayer for the pandemic. We did that whole track remotely - which was crazy, to say the least. This time, I was so happy to actually be with him in the studio and work side-by-side with him on the mix. I felt much more hands-on in the process, and it was a true journey. When recording vocals, he asked for more growl out of my voice than I normally would have sung with, and it kind of brought out the "Rock" in the Rock Steady, which felt right for the song actually. I loved pushing him to add more texture. or more "lasers" as I like to say. (I am still learning a lot about this kind of production!) I had no idea until the last hour of our time mixing "Rock Steady" that he was hired by pop icon Max Martin to orchestrate and music direct Max's new musical - which - means a lot, in the pop world. He told me, "I basically got my masters in Max Martin, had to learn how to reproduce his most iconic tunes and then re-orchestrate them for the stage." My jaw sort of dropped, not even realizing what kind of professionalism he came with, because he's a really humble guy, living in Brooklyn, who talks in metaphor and uses the best one-liners. There have been moments where I've wanted to pull out a writing pad and jot down a few of them, for lyrics to come.

You managed to shift your energy and bring forth songs that lift your audience up in a time where it’s greatly needed. Reading the room is not an easy feat for most people. What can you tell us about this refocused energy and how it transpires through a song like “Rock Steady,” and what’s to come for you?

Yes, this has been a difficult time and continues to be. I did my best to hurry the making of this song and music video along, so it could be born during the summer - when people were still feeling the optimism of the open-air and traveling. The freedom energy that was peaking this summer has sadly curtailed a bit, but I am offering this up as a last hoorah of summer - or, simply for forever. Because it's never a bad time to dance! It's never a bad time to feel your sensuality pumping. Even in a global pandemic, we still get to keep this pleasure!

So, in feeling jazzed on pop music, when on my much-needed trip to Central America this June, I actually had a new song surge right through. I posted a bit of it on my social media, and there were folks who begged me not to make them wait as long for this one! So, I finished the song. I actually sent piano and vocal stems to Dominic, within minutes right after uploading "Rock Steady" to be distributed. So, I am hopeful that we will knock this out, and by early October, I can offer my follow-up song "Quicksand" to dance to, but this time with a darker and moodier pulse. I think it will also lead really nicely into my EP of heartbreak songs written throughout the pandemic, and into my next music video, which will be released in late October.

What's next for you?

"Quicksand" and then, the music video release of "To Hear Your Voice" - a song with a story, much bigger than mine, to tell. The film is exquisite, and I am really proud of the work I did with the Well of Wills Collective in Brooklyn. And I am extremely proud of the song also. I wrote it in one night: the night after Minneapolis was set ablaze with righteous indignation, and our nation was forever changed. The song touches my own personal heartbreak and the heartbreak of injustice. I can't wait to tell you more about that in the fall. Thanks so much for having me!


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