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Bask in the Warmth of neontown and Their Hopeful Single, "Neverland"

Based in Leeds, UK, the captivating Pop duo neontown releases a fresh and hopeful piece with their recent hit, "Neverland."

Consisting of Singer/Songwriters and Producers Jac and Aure, they always deliver warm pieces for their audience to listen to with ease. While coming from Italy, neontown decided to finish their university studies in the UK and reside there from now on. While the boys bring fresh Pop songs to the table, their sound can be easily described as nostalgic too, as their music tends to grow and expand alongside the likes of neontown.

Through their recent single, "Neverland," we hear neontown go full throttle towards passion as their lyricism depicts fairytale-like love and wanting to fly away and find a place for themselves to be alone.

With the song's upbeat and modern production, we feel a warm Pop atmosphere shine through while elements of Electronic push through and offer the track a heightened sense of sonic passion.

"Neverland" begins with bright and uplifting piano melodies that are accompanied by a warm Electro-Pop beat. As neontown's Aure enters the song with his melodic vocals, he starts singing a passionate story of feeling too old to believe in fairytales even though he's living one with his lover. As the song continues, we must note the dynamic production that sends the song forward with energy and hope.

Continuing through the song, we love the lyricism that neontown delivers, as they paint incredibly clear images of unhindered love and wanting to settle down with someone special.

Ending the song off with the same uplifting and bright sonic tone, we genuinely love the warmth and contentment that neontown brought with their hit, "Neverland."

What inspired you to write such a passionate and uplifting single with "Neverland"? What sort of lyrical concepts did you want the song to offer?

Neverland was originally composed quite a long time ago, we had the melody, the instrumental, and the general concept but not the full lyrics. During the lockdown, we were feeling homesick and had not seen our family and friends for a while, so it all started flowing very naturally. We wanted to write a song about a timeless place, where nothing ever changes and it feels like home every time because that is what we're missing the most. Just the feeling of going back home and finding that place of comfort that is usually forgotten in our everyday busy lives.

Seeing as Jac handles the vocals/songwriting and Aure handles the production/instrumentals, what did your sonic creative process look like for your single "Neverland"? How did Aure create the sonics to be so bright and warm?

This song was originally composed by Aure. he had the instrumental in his archives and he made me listen to it. I loved the sound, loved the concept and I really wanted us to write the lyrics and record it. So we did! It only took us a few hours to write it and we instantly had a very good feeling about the track. While I was putting down some words, Aure would just add final touches to the instrumental and make it sound a bit more current. It felt like it fit in really well with what we were going through in that period and that a lot of people could relate to it.

Would you say that most of your music tends to run under the Pop stratosphere like "Neverland"? Or do you experiment with other genre elements as well?

Our music is very diverse. We are inspired by so many things and different genres. We are finding it really hard as independent artists to make this kind of pop music and connect with fans as it is very different from what Indie fans would listen to, but our melodies definitely have more of a late 90/00s vibe, as that is the music we grew up with. But we like to experiment with current dance/pop trends and there will be more of that in the next official single that we are releasing early next year.

What sort of lyrical themes does your duo usually touch on within your music? What should listeners associate your music with?

We don't have a specific theme in our songs, we just talk about different situations we have been through in life or different ideas and perspectives of the world that we have. We like the idea of writing songs that everyone can relate to and feel empowered and inspired by.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

Bops. LOL. We are planning to release songs that are really different from the ones you heard so far. Our next single will be very high energy, dance vibes, but quite dark lyrics. We are writing and recording more songs now that show a more vulnerable side of ourselves but still keeping the high energy beats and synths and a positive and empowering message throughout.



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