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Batshit Arrives on the Scene With Grungy, Methodical "Wait"

What is it about Batshit that catches your attention? It could very well be their vibrant and laidback energy, or even possibly their chilled stamina presented throughout their tracks. Regardless, Batshit can be easily described as an alt/rock band, here to please the people in any way, shape or form with their grungy but methodical sound.

As Batshit debuts, their recent track "Wait", a whole other aspect to their music gets brought into the light. It's with this single that we ultimately fell into deep resonance with, as Batshit aims to give a purely authentic listening experience. They're the type of band you know will put on a good show, and with the release of "Wait" comes the confirmation that they're able to create buzzing energy within their music that can undoubtedly be transcended into the crowd. "Wait" brings back some old, but mixes with the new. Remember early 00's alt/rock music? Well, Batshit incorporates a few of our old favorites but distinctly ensures it keeps up with the times of today. Being produced by Jesse Owen Astin, "Wait" becomes to sound very organic. It's observable that the mixing was done in a very deliberate way--crafted to shape the overall vocalist's power and strength. You'll connect with Batshit in "Wait" if you're a listener who relishes over old-school elements tied with contemporary stylings of the alt/rock/pop blending mix. Batshit is not slowing down anytime soon, be on the lookout for their new song "Hey Robot" releasing in February.

Listen to Batshit's "Wait" here.

Welcome, Batshit! Thanks for taking the time to come on BuzzMusic to answer our questions about your music. Within the past year, how do you think your music has grown?

Trace: These songs, whether writing them or demoing them or playing them for Cameron for the first time, are where I would go to escape. Or rather, I thought I was escaping. Looking back, I think writing this album is—more accurately—the only way I knew how to attempt to process anything I was going through at the time. So, in terms of growth, this feels like the most honest I’ve ever been about how I actually feel. I’ve always struggled with that. I’ve always found it incredibly hard to reach out for help or to admit, hey, I feel like complete shit. Or to admit that you feel like you deserve your pain. But no one deserves their pain. I’m learning to believe that. I have a long way to go but I’m better now, moment by moment.

Cameron: Over the past year, our music has just grown into its own sound. It grew to be what Batshit is from the original demos to now. Since Trace and I have been in bands in the past, to me, it's almost like all the past experiences and such have just been growing toward what Batshit has become. Trace's lyrics always get better and better, and the music itself is just the most mature music we've made together.

Congratulations on releasing "Wait"! We definitely hear those old school elements tied in with Batshit's own twist. Was this intentional to bring back that reminiscent sound that we hear so prominently throughout the track?

Trace: I’m not interested in bringing anything back. I like music where it is now. Nostalgia is a sadistic little fuck. It’ll have you thinking that someone you used to be—someone you wouldn’t even recognize if they were staring you in the eyes—is somehow better than the You that’s here now. That’s almost never true. All of that makes me sound like an insufferable dick, so I’ll add that the blending of modern and traditional elements you say you’re hearing in “Wait” isn’t entirely happenstance. I try to pull from all of our influences with equal aplomb when writing, so it’s encouraging to hear that we accomplished that in some small way.

Cameron: We put that "old school" twist on it in that we are influenced by all types of music, old and new. So, “Wait” is maybe a little more in the vein of what we grew up playing, just in a more mature way. We just went at it with a different thought than we’ve ever had before. Basically, if you hear an “old school” twist in it, it wasn’t on purpose but we know it's there. The subconscious made it so.

How would you describe the very essence of your sound, considering your music holds many different elements which make it appear multi-faceted?

Trace: “Multi-faceted” is a kind description. Thank you. For me, it all starts with the words. One seemingly tiny phrase or otherwise innocuous word can build into something really special, maybe even a song worth chasing to its end. I don’t know if I could summarize something like the “essence of [our] sound,” but I will say I hope people don’t necessarily think of any one genre or other unnecessary classification when hearing a Batshit song. I just hope, if nothing else, that anyone who may hear a Batshit song at least admires the dedication to vulnerability.

Cameron: Our sound stems from straight up life experience and real emotion. The essence of what we do is always gonna give you a part of, or all of, who Trace and I are as people. We always serve the song, so whatever that calls for is what it gets.

Are there any goals you've set for the music of Batshit over 2020? What can listeners expect from Batshit?

Trace: We have a few more singles to come, all of which—in my admittedly biased opinion—sound almost nothing like each other. The full 10-song album we recorded in Atlanta last year with our producer and good friend Jesse Owen Astin will follow. We also have several one-off tracks in varying stages of completion, with the immediate aim of getting back into the studio for Album Two as early as this summer.

Cameron: Listeners can expect a full-length album. Leading up to that, we will be dropping singles from the album, and then eventually the entire album itself, titled ‘Exactly.’ That’ll be out in the coming months. Beyond that, we have demos on demos on demos. Trace has pretty much already written Album Two. So, expect more, and sooner rather than later. We are here to make people feel and we are only just getting started.

We appreciate the time, Batshit! Are there any upcoming live shows you can share with our readers?

Trace: The coming months will include announcements of shows in the Birmingham and Atlanta areas, with the broader goal of bringing these songs to any place they are welcome.

Cameron: Since we’re a two-piece, we want the live show to be delivered and presented just right. Expect some show announcements very soon.



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