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BAYWUD Brings A New Meaning To Hope With His Latest Single “Hold On To Me”

Los Angeles-based Singer/Songwriter BAYWUD returns with another breathtaking single “Hold on To Me.”

After studying at the School for Film and Television in N.Y.C., then at Loyola Marymount University, BAYWUD took his classical training as a musician/singer and created his own personal music that speaks from the soul.

His latest single “Hold on To Me”, the song is said to be written for anyone feeling lost or broken and to know it’s okay to reach out when in need. BAYWUD’s moving lyricism and stunning instrumentals on “Hold on To Me” provides listeners with a musical escape in times of struggle.

The down-tempo song begins with calming acoustic guitar strumming and a quiet beat in the background. Once we’re met with the arrival of BAYWUD’s incredible vocal styling, we can’t help but compare his bright and soothing voice to the likes of Adam Levine.

Around the chorus, BAYWUD belts out a heartfelt message overtop an eclectic mix of drums/percussion, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and subtle piano. With shifts in instrumentation and well-crafted melodies, “Hold on To Me” effectively portrays the importance of holding on to hope.

Perfectly channelling his emotions through music and lyrics, BAYWUD’s sincere track “Hold on To Me” carries the weight of struggle, and allows his audience to know that they’re never alone.

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