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Baywud Is Back to Tell Us of a Touching Story

Baywud is one of those singer/songwriters whose music channels raw emotion through heartfelt lyrics and music. This level of emotion is easily shown in his latest release “Hold on To Me”, this is a tune that connects with anyone feeling lost and broken, for them to know that everything will be okay in the end. Baywud’s vocal style has that shine to it that we found incredibly fresh and sheen but also has that little flair of being nostalgic, combined with his heartfelt messages and passion in his music Baywud is not an artist to be taken lightly.

Every one of Baywud’s songs comes from a personal story and this connection creates music that feels like it has it’s own soul, in “Hold on To Me” - the story of a friends mother passing - there is a deep underlining message that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and this perfectly resonates with the organic stories that Baywud strives to create in every song. Baywud is preparing yet again to bless our ears with an upcoming EP that will be out late summer and we cannot be any more excited about it.

Be sure to check out “Hold On To Mehere.


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