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Bazerk Brings the Heat With His Flaming Single, "Push Them In the Crowd"

The international artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Bazerk drops fire with his latest scorching release entitled "Push Them In the Crowd."

Known for his international fanbases and audiences, Bazerk's music has made its way to success through countries like Russia, India, Australia, and many others. Accomplishing incredible achievements for an independent artist, Bazerk is continually inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

Turning up the heat with his latest release, "Push Them In the Crowd," Bazerk drops his bars for anyone to bop their heads with while offering sweltering vibes that take us back to the bouncing nightclubs and live shows. Also, giving us more of a nostalgic and old-school hip-hop approach, we love the song's raw passion and energy.

Listening to "Push Them In the Crowd," a scorching hot synth opens the song alongside a gripping drum arrangement, taking us back to the 90s with each fiery and rich element. Bazerk keeps the spotlight shining on him through each engaging and rhythmic bar he spits, fueling our experience with nothing but liveliness and energy.

We can't help but keep our heads bopping to the deftly-produced beat and Bazerk's intricate lyrical delivery, as he genuinely sets himself apart from any sort of competition. Ending the track with nothing but confidence and strength, Bazerk has genuinely impressed us with his ferocious stylings and talented delivery on this powerhouse track.

Don't miss out on Bazerk's latest single, "Push Them In the Crowd," and reminisce the carefree nights in the clubs once again.

We can't get enough of the heavy vibes from your recent release, "Push Them In the Crowd." When did you begin writing bars and ideas for this single?

One day just flipping through the radio on every station's same old crap slow tempo, the same vibe, I am an old school hip hop head so I wanted to take it back to club concert vibe, catchy phrases, and aggressive hooks, so the first thing you hear when a song comes on getting hype and tear crap up, mosh pit, stage diving, losing it. Then came the rapid-fire lyrics.

Did anything, in particular, inspire the energetic feel within "Push Them In the Crowd?" What did you want your listeners to feel when experiencing the song?

Yes, I feel everything feels safe or sound alike or copy cats or just non-sense out there, I feel there are a thousand of me's out there who have built up aggression and energy and need to get it out, like where the fun at any more just have good time tear some stuff up, my audience is known for me to bring the party vibe. Do you have a personal favorite lyric?

Yes, "I said it once before you can hate me, try to bring me down, try to tear me down, you can just keep hating me, hate, hate, hate me." Do you usually release such heavy hip-hop bangers like "Push Them In the Crowd?" Or do you experiment with other sounds and genres as well?

Yes since day one never just like standard hip-hop format 16 bars then the hook, so what I did was incorporate rock, punk cross gene, I took that from the blueprint of run DMC, de la soul, Beastie Boys, I can't really take the credit for that, we already got rock remix version of this song.

We've heard that you're tirelessly working on your brand. What can you tell us about your brand and what you stand for?

The brand is not just music anymore, the brand is you being not just artist always trying to sell the audience something, is me able to connect with people who can relate to you on an everyday life struggle with, the personality able to get into the head of the person who wrote the songs how they came about, that is the brand I am about. So, what I do is give my personal self to keep it authentic as possible so when buying my music, clothing, shoes, books you are getting the real me, not just the product.



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