Bazerk Is About To Take Over The Industry With New Track "Rude Boy"

Bazerk released their single “Rude Boy”, the most unique song we’ve probably heard in a while! It starts off with this funky and eerie instrumental sounds blended with spins from a turntable set, giving that old school DJ vibes. The vocals then transitions in the most flavorous way possible. A spazzed out, rad, and individualistic rap voice, the vocalist brings back the edgy, in your face rap style popular when rap first was invented. It’s slightly problematic but addicting and it sets you in a different time period while listening to the song. The lyrics alongside the alternative rock swagger the single is equipped with creates a hit almost habit-forming and against the grain of your usual rap or rock songs that’s out today you’ll want to listen to over and over again.

It will be super difficult to compare this artist to any other band or group out today. They will undoubtedly become the next trendsetters. They have an impressive track record to match their bold approach to music, BAZERK also has performed all over Southern California and the west coast. They spend their free time recording new tracks and videos, and thinking of even crazier ways to make the fans go wild. With their new video “Preacher Man” Over 1k Views They have toured with such names as Prince, George Clinton, Ludacris, KRS One, 311, Wu-Tang, Fishbone, The Black-Eyed Peas, Dog Pound Kurrupt, KingT , Tha Alcoholics and One Size 0. Hedpe, Crazy Town, Power Flo , P.O,D . High Times Cannabis Cup, They have been on the stages of such Los Angeles venues as the House of Blues, Queen Mary, the Roxy Theater, Boardner’s, and more. Brand New album “Y'all Famous For Nothing” not even out yet but killing it on soundcloud 1million plays, just got feature in nov Wu-Tang world!

You can listen to the single here and check out our exclusive interview with Bazerk below!

How did you guys form? Where did you meet?

I was originaly a hip hop head and i got tired of the mundane hip hop structure so i wanted to be innovative and change things and keep the hip hop elements ,and incorporate more of a alternative massive sound so i went out on a search looking for the best musician i can find to share this vision, So i ran a added on craigsist and had a audition in south central los angeles,

How did you come up with the name “Bazerk” ? What was the inspiration behind it?

I needed a one word name that describes every thing about our sound and energy in a nut shell, so i name Bazerk stuck too a t on how we are, The inspiration came from before you go crazy in life you must go Bazerk meaning giving it all, no holds bar go for it , go nuts You have one change on this planetnso might as well go Bazerk

You have performed in countless cities, where has been your favorite city to perform?

Yes we been all over the world But i got say, any thing out side Los Angeles is grate because most places or not so saturated with music, Our favorite place to play where they really love our music and culture Germany, Australia, China, London, New Orleans, New York, Atlanta, Texas

What is the message and meaning behind "Rude Boy"?

Rude Boy meaning is a life style, Outcast dread lock rasta who makes up it's on rules, attitude, not compromise by what every body eles is doing, pride ship we we own it representing the culture proven to the test of trials of life and still make it on top

What can we expect next from Bazerk?

You can expect a brand new album due out in next year Yall Famous For Nothing, Just hit the streets today History repeats it's self Remix Album sponsored by the NBA Bazerk will be on The next season of Who Will Rock You airs in March, You can catch Bazerk December 29 or 30 to perform at Winter wonderland Fest or January 22 at the rainbow doing a film on Los Angeles bands, Look for more crazy videos and interesting content

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