Bazerk Releases Their Expressive Hit “Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me”

Bazerk is an electrifying and extraordinary group who shocks the world with their massive sound and uniqueness! They create their own lane, and breaks down the boundaries! Critic has called them the new rage against the machine, and we can tell you this band will leave a lasting impression on you!

Bazerk released their single titled “Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me” and the introduction was a funky fusion of classic rock n roll with old school hip-hop. This blend was a way to display the unique artistry Bazerk possesses. The lyrics were real and intriguing, with a message behind it. Bazerk undergoes various genre transitions, In which I found to be super dope. The vocal belt in the hook showcased elements of Metal, and applied nice pressure to the passion of the song. “Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me” gives its listener the final major transition at 2:30, where everything becomes super badass and highly dynamic! The record goes nuts! The chaotic instrumenting from the electric guitar, the augmented and powerful vocals were so exhilarating for the song. The energy is just right in “Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me”, and we could only imagine how exciting the live performance of this track would be!

Listen to "Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me" here and get to know more about Bazerk below!