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bbboris Speaks His Truth in a Spiteful New Single, "misunderstood"

Coming in hot from San Diego, California, the compelling hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter bbboris releases a spiteful and spicy single entitled "misunderstood."

Unafraid of shedding his heart and opening up about real-life events and experiences, bbboris never fails to capture an audience's attention through his meaningful bars and rhythmic delivery. With an overall atmosphere that blurs the lines between acts like Young Thug and My Chemical Romance, bbboris truly offers something new and fresh to the contemporary music industry.

Recently releasing his honest and powerful single, "misunderstood," listeners can get a glimpse of the lyrical prowess and dominance that bbboris has to offer. While grooving over a steady and mid-tempo beat, bbboris delivers his genuine bars while allowing the listener to take something away for themselves.

Jumping into "misunderstood," the track opens with a crisp array of drum breaks that pierce our speakers with intense hi-hats and warm claps. As bbboris makes his way in, his slight autotune perfectly enhances his melodic abilities while emphasizing his contemporary artistic approach. Diving deeper into the song, bbboris makes one thing clear, that no one should waste their time messing with someone who holds a lyrical mastery like him, as fools are to be made.

As bbboris continues to expand on how someone did him dirty, he makes the experience all the more relatable by moving onward and upward while dishing a few harsh realities their way. Overtop of the punchy beat, bbboris grooves his way to the outro while closing the song on a powerful note of self-care and inner power.

Find bbboris' latest single, "misunderstood," on all digital streaming platforms, and prepare yourself for his many future endeavors to come.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic bbboris. What a powerful and fiery listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "misunderstood." Where does this song's inspiration come from?

This song is really about what it's been like being around my city the past few years. I've spent a lot of time in downtown San Diego and really became a part of life on the ground level there. I've learned so much from so many people, had so many experiences, and formed so many relationships that it feels transformative in a certain sense. I owe a lot of who I've become as an artist to the past 3-4 years of really being out on the streets around San Diego and all the things I've learned from that. When I made this song it really came from a place of wanting to share that and claim who I was as an artist and just a person in general.

Was there a specific message or concept that you wanted to convey with your recent single, "misunderstood?" What did you want listeners to take away for themselves?

More so than a concept or message I think "misunderstood" is more of a story. It's a story about someone, in this case, me, having to go out into the real world and start to lose their innocence. I think everybody can relate to that on some level because as kids we are all born innocent and radiant. We believe people wholeheartedly, we don't understand concepts of lying or abuse, and we live straightforward with our hearts on our sleeves, until one day something happens and we have to interact with the evil of the world for the 1st time and that usually fundamentally changes people moving forward. We put up our defenses, learn coping mechanisms, become skeptical, etc. This song is really about the process of giving up your innocence because you know you need to function in society as a human and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Did you team up with any producers to create the sonics for "misunderstood?" What was the song's sonic creative process like behind the scenes?

The beat was produced by KyleJunior and it is undoubtedly a banger. Shout out to him. A lot of people send me beats but sometimes you'll find something on youtube that's just fresh in a way that only something on youtube can be. This beat was youtube fresh for sure. The process for the song was fairly low-key honestly. I recorded this song at my cousin Chauw's house in his bedroom studio one night, while he and his friends were smoking hookah for a few hours in the living room, watching music videos. I was in a bad mood that night and wasn't feeling any company so I decided to let my feelings go on the mic instead. It took an hour or two to record the song and then I mixed it another day for about an hour and that was it. To this day it's the only song I've ever made in Logic so it's a big shout-out to my cousin, I probably wouldn't be able to get a sound like that if it wasn't for him putting me on and showing me the ropes in Logic. I made a few tracks with him on the same album that misunderstood is part of, so if anyone wants to hear him they can search for Chauw Yaw. If you're reading this just know I love you fam.

Seeing that you're known for wearing your heart on your sleeve and conveying your own truths within your bars, do you ever face personal challenges when opening up and being vulnerable? Or is this process rather empowering?

I think the process of being open and vulnerable is both challenging and empowering at the same time, and the more challenging it is, the more empowering it is in turn. There are plenty of times when I'm actually afraid to record a song or fear what I'm about to say on the mic. I think the fact that I don't write contributes to a sense of openness and vulnerability as I don't really have the opportunity to filter or refine my thoughts on paper before going into the studio, so sometimes I say some stuff that I realize I'd rather not hear or stuff that once I do hear it, I have to seriously consider it and what it means to myself that I said it. Being vulnerable is definitely difficult though, and eventually, it becomes desensitizing. If someone is always vulnerable, it begins to feel like a wound that's just always open; It hurts for the first few hours but eventually, you just begin to assimilate the feeling into your experience of "normal life". Realizing that I've definitely tried to limit my times of openness and vulnerability to when I'm in the studio now, music for the most part is my biggest outlet these days. In the past, I used to approach every life situation with full openness and vulnerability and while that really let me connect with the world it definitely came with a price tag on my mind and my heart that I wasn't ready to pay every single day, so I'm grateful for all the outlets that I've developed and the people in my life that I can trust with my honest and open self.


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