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Bd Miguel Gets Real with the Release of Their Single “My Story”

Something about when rappers strip away their “Tough Guy” act and get real and emotional with their music that’s just so invigorating. When BD Miguel showed us that despite the bangers they give us on the regular, they can get vulnerable with their songwriting and give us a deep insight into who they are, we knew they were the real deal. Wonder what song we’re talking about here? The sentimental release of the record “My Story” was raw. Starting with the production of the beat, the arrangement went from a melodic & soft introduction and had a transitional banger that really smacks you across the face. The lyrics in “My Story” were unguarded and felt like a personal diary written solely by BD Miguel. The melody of the hook was catchy and addictive.

When you listen to “My Story” you become focused on everything they’re saying. BD Miguel released a personal yet rejuvenating single that you will fall absolutely in love with. We caught ourselves replaying this song multiple times because although the lyrics were catered specifically to their journey, the lyrics they spoke was factual and so real to where you will be able to relate to every aspect of it.

You can listen to BD Miguel’s “My Story” here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic BD Miguel! Tell us about your background! How did you start pursuing your career in music?

Hey BuzzMusic I’m bd Miguel from Seattle Washington I been doing music for a while now I’m from KTINC music group I started off managing my brother ROB ROLLIE who is one of the DOPEST artists around we were down in Atlanta Georgia recording his album and he said bro write me a verse u got a story to tell he helped me do it and the rest was history.

Your single “My Story” was very powerful and real. What inspired you to write this record?

Shoutout to my brothers Sir Thomas & Mes the Showman with the slam dunk on this record Mes did the hook and I had my brother Sir Thomas write the verses I knew when I made the beat it sounded like a big RECORD so I felt like we had a Klay Thompson/Steph Curry/KD collaboration

Was creating “My Story” in any way challenging for you? If so explain?

No, it wasn’t difficult at all I feel like I got a good vision on bringing the best talent around together MY STORY was easy to put together cause it’s REAL and everyone in the world has a story

Explain the production of “My Story”, did you experiment with any new arrangements?

I usually come up with the hook and I fly it on the beat then I do the verses that’s my typical song writing routine that’s usually the way I do it all the time. I had a BIG feeling that MY STORY could take off like a 747 we are getting great feedback on the record.

What’s next for you in 2020, BD Miguel?

You can go to any streaming platforms and TYPE in BD Miguel and get that ON A FLIGHT an album but for 2020 be on the lookout for a solo album from me called Barrett Jackson B where MY STORY is one of the lead singles and an album called OUT EAST a collaboration album, me and my brother HANDSFREE BIZ/2mill/Rob Rollie/Makk Dubb and the rest of KTINC music group ROB ROLLIE solo album and 2mill’s EP and numerous singles from Handsfree Biz and KTINC



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