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BD3 and Unkle Nephew Paint True Stories in Traditional Hip-hop Fashion with, 'Sunnydale'

Brooklyn based Emcee, BD3 is Hip-hop reincarnated. He prides himself on being a lyricist fusing live instrumentation with the love of Afro-Beat, Reggae, Soul, and Funk to rock crowds and shake stages. As an innovator, BD3 puts forth an electrifying presence that catapults him to the forefront of stages both nationally and internationally with his captivating melodies.

BD3 has collaborated on his newly released album with Justin Swiney, affectionately known as Unkle Nephew, a drummer, producer, and engineer extraordinaire from hailing from Brooklyn, New York.

'Sunnydale,' is a nostalgic Brooklyn-inspired mix of lyrics, beats, soul, and funk sounds which push the envelope to create much-needed conversational pieces in today's climate. The album features the double single, "Why Do You Luv Me" and "For the Ancestors," which released earlier this month and continue to climb significantly on the streaming charts. This album acts as a representation of the summer in the inner city of New York, and it's a piece of work that both BD3 and Unkle Nephew hold at a high standard.

The first record showcased on 'Sunnydale' is the introductory piece, "Trew Culture Radio: Sun E's Intro." This track acts as a public service announcement and a skit all in one. We can hear a radio talk show host giving us the rundown as the caller in the other line is requesting the only mesmerizing sounds of BD3 on the speakers. This witty intro takes us right into the smooth sounds of the second record up.

"Paranoia" not only has BD3 and Unkle Nephew, but we can also hear the sounds of Edson Sean grace the speakers. As soon as the beat takes off, you instantly hear the well-known sample from "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" by the Getto Boys in a flavor that only these artists can deliver to us. We get the smooth and immersive vocalization from Edson Sean singing sweet and nostalgic tunes in the chorus, while BD3 conveys hard-hitting verses that showcase his lyricism through his Brooklyn sound. Telling an abstract tale with humor and truth of what happens when you dabble in mind-altering substances, this collaborative three already has us hooked on what's to come.

"Mama" is the third record on the roster, and this one drips in heavy funk elements that have us grooving up out of our seats. The laid back ambiance that Unkle Nephew creates through the instrumentation makes it so we can't help but move around. BD3 recruits Melanie Charles for "Mama," and she presents heavenly vocals throughout the chorus and glorious harmonies through the verses that tie right back to when she can be heard again. BD3 uses his charisma to share a story with us about what he is destined to do, and it's all great. Reminiscing on what Mama said, he drives home the fact that Mama is always right.

"O.G. Interlude" treats us to a minute long skit that acts as an intermission between tracks. We have to say; we love these skits! They add such a solid dimension to the structure of the album with all they have to offer in content, sound effects, quality, and overall the production of them. In true Hip-hop album fashion, we can ease into the sounds of the next song.

Now we have the first official single off of 'Sunnydale.' "Why Do U Luv Me," featuring Christina Flemming, hits the speakers at full caliber using that Brooklyn Hip-hop meets Jazz ambiance. This track exudes the unapologetic, soulful content that Hip-hop brings at its best. BD3 has such a smooth and resonant tonal distinction when he flaunts his lyrical abilities that hone in on the traditional traits of an emcee. "Why Do U Luv Me" depicts a story of love and lust all at the same time. Staying true to the title, we hear the passion-fueled chorus, verse, and instrumentation shine bright.

"Brooklyn96 Interlude" comes in at the perfect time as we take in everything that we were able to experience off of 'Sunnydale' this far. Clocking in at under 30 seconds, we hear BD3 truthfully speak about love as if it were a beverage. Filled with artificial ingredients that aren't good for you, but you have to have it anyway. We think BD3 takes the cake for this explanation. We dare anyone to try and top it. If you're unsure? You have to listen for yourself.

"Make it Hot" is the seventh record we are graced with. BD3 and Unkle Nephew round the troops of Edson Sean and Jermaine Holmes for this smooth ballad. We say that this is one to play at high volume! The production quality does not disappoint as Unkle Nephew shows us why he is the master at what he does. The change of pace between slow and upbeat tempo creates a true sonic voyage as we take in all of the elements in this complex composition. In true emcee fashion, BD3 impresses us with his lyricism as we dive deeper into this album. Speaking cold hard facts accompanied by delicate harmonies, BD3 shares his insight as a love letter leaving us hanging on to every last word.

"Unkle's Groove" is pure funk and soul-filled instrumental that has you swaying from side to side as you let it ooze with Unkle Nephews grooves for just under a minute. Our favorite thing about the production quality has to be all of the hidden components that Unkle Nephew adds in. At first, listen, you may not be able to pick them all up, but once you listen repeatedly, these songs act as a sonic iSpy book dressed with pizzazz as something new stands out at any given time.

"Karen's Repentance Song" is the second last record on 'Sunnydale,' and this one features the one and only Kamilah. Adding a unique flair to this specific interlude, the hard-hitting words addressing absolutely zero tolerance for racism hits home on an altered level. Using this piece as a way to convey an extremely important message in the climate of our world, we think this 30 seconds is put to great use and takes us right into the final composition.

"For the Ancestors" is the final song on 'Sunnydale' and its message stays true to the title. Using this record as an empowering piece and tribute to his ancestors, BD3 is swift with his delivery as he reminds us that he is doing this all for his ancestors. He will fight for his family, community, and nation to restore what is right in the universe. His unique cadences that are accompanied by out of this world lyricism leave us on a strong note that BD3 is here to stay. He is putting his stake in and establishing his name for the sake of making his family proud.

With kicks, snares, grooves, and bars that allow the originality of BD3 and Unkle Nephews craft to blast off, "Sunnydale" does not disappoint on any level. There is a reason that these creatives are garnering the attention that they are, and their talents speak for themselves. 'Sunnydale' is exactly what you need if you're a true fan of the genre of Hip-hop.



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