BD3 Lifts Us Up With New Single “Kite” + an Exclusive Interview

Today we are reminded that the classic Hip/Hop vibe is not something that left us in the early 2000s. We are lucky enough to have come across BD3 and his amazingly short-lived new single, “Kite”

This song opens up with a classic throwback synth, sparkling with a sound you haven’t heard before but somehow takes you back to the ’90s. At the 13 second mark, BD3 rips in with the powerful lyrics “you can call it what you want, I’ma tell you how it is” and at this point, you are listening. His voice carries so much weight as it ripples through the song like a hurricane that can’t be stopped. The soul and passion that comes out in BD3’s vocal performance are honestly second to none and we are here for it. The song is very short, only 1:38 and definitely leaves you hanging on for more. Luckily for us and for you, BD3 is no stranger to releasing music and he has singles, albums and EP’s to share with us on all streaming platforms. Make sure you give BD3 a follow on social media and check out his music. If you’re a fan of the ’90s influenced classic Hip Hop, we have something amazing for you! You’ll share it with a friend and they’ll thank you for it. 

Check out BD3's music here!


Thanks for being with us today at Buzz Music! Your new song “Kite” is short and powerful. What inspired you to write this song and only keep it at 1:38? Did you feel as if that’s all you needed to get your point across?

Thanks for having me, it’s a pleasure and honor. So From a creative space when I wrote KITE I always thought about a visual. It happens that way where the video comes to you at the same time or even before the actual music does. This was one of those cases. I wanted to be able to grab folks' attention in this ever so changing times where the span to listen to music is dwindling by the second. So my approach was hit em hard and hit em quick. On the same note, the lyrics in Kite were coming from a real place. A letter to an ex in where I wanted to explain my side and exactly what was going through my mind so I let the spirits do what it does and I guess that’s all the time I needed. At least for the time being....

You’re someone who likes to give back. Can you touch on your work with youth programs and literacy?  Yea, well I’ve been mentoring or working with the youth especially then disenfranchised youth since I was a teenager, it was one of my first jobs. It became really important to me to be a person in those settings that not only looked like the students but were coming from those same places and could translate. Kids can’t learn nor are willing to listen if they can’t smell you, if there is something not relatable or familiar then you’re in trouble. I never had a guy like me growing up that was in my school building who just knew without me having to say anything. I feel like giving back is part of my dharma, and I need not be rich to do that.

How inspiring is it being from Brooklyn? As an artist, do you find that it helps you bring that the city is surrounded by art?

Being from Brooklyn is almost like a cheat code Ha! Especially when you grew up in the old Brooklyn and are now moving and living through the new one. That in itself is inspiration enough for a few albums. The city breathes inspiration from the stories of the past to the experiences of the present. The art, the food, the people, the history, the good and bad. I think Brooklyn has so many stories to tell and from so many different vantage points. I couldn’t be from anywhere else, doesn’t even compute in my head.

What have been some of your biggest accomplishments so far? The biggest accomplishment for me so far is successful co-parenting Ha! They need to give awards for that, cuz it ain’t easy lol... but all jokes aside it’s hard to say. When I hear my daughter recite the words to my songs (especially KITE) it’s a different type of feeling. When you have kids you might have mentored in the past who are now 6’4 in there 20’s with their own children saying I remembered when you told me..... that’s an accomplishment in itself cause I’m still a young guy with a lot to learn.

But I think truly the biggest accomplishment for me is knowing that success comes in different forms. I’ve been at it from a shorty so my visions of success has drastically changed over the years, traveling and performing overseas, being on the same bill as a legendary rap group, developing TrewCulture with FkaJazz, and Justin Swiney, writing on FKA’s album Beautifully Awkward which has now charted on Billboard for the last couple of weeks! I take all of those as different indicators that you can find success through a lot if you change the way of thinking. I’m still hungry tho, I still wanna do more, still wanna learn more, expand and create til I’m dust in the wind. There’s still much to do.

When can we expect more music from you? Where can your fans and new listeners find you on social media? 

Well at the top of the year we are releasing the visual interpretation for L.I.T.E (Living In The End) which is now streaming on all platforms, that’s gonna be fun and a conversation starter. Not too long after in the same month of January we are releasing the Unplugged version of my latest album Time.Era.Period. It will feature some new goodies and is completely played by my band and collective TrewCulture.

KITE is available now for streaming/download and purchase anywhere you get your music. The Video is out now as well!! Please support that. Tryna moonlight as a director lol. And I got some more goodies that will give context to me as a whole human being an artist coming down the pipeline in the near future, with much more music coming from out of my camp.

You can catch up with everything I’m doing at Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel BD3Music, I will be dropping a lot of visuals in the near future so make sure you stay tuned and hit the notification button! And check out BD3 wherever you stream! Don’t forget to check out Supreme Love by myself FKAJAZZ and Marcus Machado, it’s a vibe! And if you are in NYC in April myself and TrewCulture will be playing our first headlining show at the Blue Note so stay tuned.