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Be A Part Of The “Tribe” With Her Brothers

Gabe executes the guitar and vocals, Josh rocks the bass, and Levi kills it on the drums. These three Vancouver based brothers came together to form an unparalleled alt-rock band, Her Brothers. Her Brothers intertwines the genius of traditional vinyl shelf influences anywhere from Scritti Politti to Sigur Ros while maintaining a contemporary edge to their music. They also value meaningful content in all of their music. This is exactly what we need in today’s music industry!

Her Brothers have fiery passion, an unstoppable drive, and just straight up raw talent. This has gained them tremendous success which has scored them performances with Colbie Caillat, Tyler Shaw, The Barenaked Ladies, and many others! Her Brothers also play on many big Canadian radio stations across Canada which is increasing their popularity around the country.  Their album Tribe features iconic artists such as Keith Scott (of Brian Adams) and Brent Howard (of Randy Bachman). Talk about exciting! Our favorite track on their album Tribe is also titled “Tribe”. The energy that the track brings is red-hot intense. You feel every emotion from Gabe’s electrifying vocals. The song is an explosion of Her Brothers vigor and ability to rock any listener from anywhere. “Tribe” is captivating, powerful, and glorious. We’re loving Her Brothers and all of their incredible tracks!

Listen to "Tribe" here



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