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Bearshark Releases The Melodic And Hardcore Single “Doomsday Paradise”

Bearshark is ready to set the mood! If you’re a lover of Hardcore, Metal, and Rock then “Doomsday Paradise” by Bearshark is the new track for you! “Doomsday Paradise” was arranged with a beautiful composure. It delivers multiple transitions between intense chaos and emotional conviction. The instrumentation creates a balance between both elements by transitioning back and forth very smoothly and connected.

This progressive hardcore piece is a song to get you feeling energized with its piercing guitar chords, percussion-soaked rhythm, and headbanging vocal belts. A notable element in "Doomsday Paradise" that I was in favor of was the emotional melodic section of the song. We appreciated how Bearshark switched up the arrangement in “Doomsday Paradise,” to show off their passion and ability to deliver sentiment through a sensational melody. The band sound is both volatile and zealous, giving you a rollercoaster ride to remember with constant drops of hard metal static! This satisfying song will surely be one to remember and Bearshark will undeniably be the next band to leave a lasting impression on the industry.

Listen to “Doomsday Paradise” by Bearshark here.



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