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Beat Dragon Gives Us a Glimpse of the “Future” with New Single + Exclusive Interview!

Mostly in EDM, we are made to think that it’s all about the party and the experience, however, that is not the case for all artists in the genre these days. Especially with Beat Dragons and “Future”. The song speaks to social consciousness and the betterment of the world that we can all live in. “I have seen the future, it’s not written yet, it’s in our heads”. The song has all of the classic EDM elements and is also accompanied by a great vocal performance with striking lyrics that provoke thought and are extremely catchy. Just because there is a deeper meaning to this smash of a song, it doesn’t mean you can’t also party to “Future”.


Showing the world what power we hold in our minds, in the light of also being able to have a great time, we think you should all turn on “Future” by Beat Dragons today! Streaming on all major platforms.

Listen to "Future" here.


Thanks for being with us today at Buzz Music! Why is it important for you to write and produce music that can have a large social impact? With our tracks, we like to support the worldwide movement for more sustainability and more environmental protection on our planet, because we are personally very convinced that we can all contribute something to it, if we would change our consumer behavior even a little bit, e.g. no more plastic bags or plastic bottles use. We are also convinced that we must start immediately with this change so that it remains earth worth living on for future generations. There is a great vocal performance on this track! Who is the singer and why were they chosen for the job? Our singer "Emarie" is at home in Miami. We chose her because she has a huge vocal range, is extremely experienced in the EDM music genre and expresses a voice coloration that we feel fits perfectly to the track "Future". Emarie has also sung the vocals for our next track "Nature", which will be released in January 2020. The EDM scene in Germany is ever-growing, what has it been like coming up in that city and playing this music? It's true, EDM Music is really very popular in Germany. There are more and bigger EDM festivals with tens of thousands of party-goers. There wasn't that one particular experience in a city, but Beat Dragon's "Future" is placed in the dance charts Top 100 in Germany and has been played in many big room clubs. So far we have received mostly positive reviews for "Future" and this motivates us to continue producing cool danceable EDM music and at the same time to express our concern. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why? At the moment we would like to follow the planned path of Beat Dragons, but if there were one wish free we would say with Armin van Buuren because he is an incredible multi-talent, he has an extremely great experience in the field of EDM music genre. We could certainly learn a lot from him during a collaboration. What do you want listeners to take away from your music and how can they stay up to date with you? We hope that people who like to listen to the tracks of Beat Dragons will also like to party because Beat Dragons tracks are made for dancing in big room clubs and EDM festival parties. At the same time, we want Beat Dragons tracks to be able to encourage people to think about what each of us can do to protect the climate and the environment. That's why we've included the themes in our FUTURE video as well as in the lyrics. The next Beat Dragons track NATURE will also feature these themes. Be curious... Thank you for having us at BuzzMusic today.



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