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Beau Turrentine Laments In “Already Gone”

Turrentine reminds you to appreciate what you have before the page turns. Nashville based Beau Turrentine knows how to put passion into play without battering you over the head with it. On "Already Gone," that’s in evidence with the the snare that’s soft and subdued. The guitar enjoys the essence of every strum, right to the last string. Not surprising, since this is a Nashville-based dude who composed his first song on a single string back in his single-digit years. It’s folk/country without laying into the slide guitar too hard. It might as well be a background effect, which is nice.

The song almost slips in and out of a bleary-eyed consciousness, but has a strength of purpose that is effervescent. That’s definitely thanks to the fortified Gospel foundation. Listening to this song it’s impossible to avoid thinking about golden sunsets on a ranch you visited in another life. It’s contemporary, thanks to piano playing the Band would be proud of. I’d expect to hear this in an unpretentious coffee shop run by a local fixture in a calico dress. It’s music for evenings that go on forever and good times that never seem to end — until they, of course, do. Here’s a reminder that there are still good people who go to bed early and own something called Sunday’s Best. It’s a solid two minutes 15 seconds. And like its message, you only truly realize the merits of the song by the time it’s already over. Luckily for us we can skip backwards and hear it again.

Listen to "Already Gone" here, and Learn more about Beau in our interview below!

What was it like growing up in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma was a great place to grow up. I spent a lot of my time kicking it with friends, fishing, and playing music. People often ask me what I did back home as if there wasn't much to do, but I had a real good time. Most of my family lives in Oklahoma so there was always a lot of love. I couldn't be happier about where I was raised. It was lovely.

What would you say the difference is between the music scene in your hometown versus Nashville?

The music scene in Oklahoma is rad. It's pretty low key. I only played out a handful of times when I lived there. One or two of them were at my high school, the rest were at a pizza joint in the Paseo District that's called Sauced. The biggest difference between the two is that in Oklahoma the scene is far less developed than in Nashville. Shout out to my buddies Jules Henley and Kristo Blanc. They are two great artists based in OKC, my home town. Y'all should check out their work.

Where did the imputes for this song come from?

I wrote "Already Gone" about love.

What was the essence you were trying to capture with it?

The song is all about feel. There are no gimmicks or tricks. I wanted to create a vibe.

How has it been received so far? Have you had a chance to play it out?

I think people dig it. Personally, I love it. That's what matters to me. I've played it live before. Feels good.

What's next for you through 2019?

For 2019 I plan on getting better sleep than I did in 2018. I'm only twenty years old, but it's becoming more important for me to stay in good health. As for music, I'll be writing, recording, and playing shows. I have another single coming out on March 29. Stoked on it. Stay tuned if you want! Much love.


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