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Becky Raisman And Her Self-Titled EP Raises Eyebrows With Its Heartfelt Nature

Authentically seasoned singer and musician Becky Raisman is making a noticeable impact with her recent work. Originally from the Chicagoland area, but now residing in Charleston, SC, Becky Raisman uses her natural talents to cultivate the very sound she releases to the masses today.

With a strong background in music, including vocal coaching, taking lessons at the School of Rock for keyboard, and now working at Bach to Rock, Becky Raisman's resumé proves to be ever-expanding, and her savvy expertise easily gets perpetuated throughout her very work today.

Becky Raisman has released her very own self-titled EP. The body of work consists of songs "Sun," "A Moment With You," and "A Song That Plays In My Heart," all of which are jam-packed with warm and sincere expressions from Becky Raisman. Her vibrant, ever-flowing charisma begins with "Sun," a song with a magical introduction that sets a feel-good, movie-like tone for listeners to revel in. Becky Raisman and her confident approach to vocal delivery can penetrate the melody in a way that makes her and her voice stand out beyond comparison. "Sun" perpetuates the exact kind of vibe you'd think a song titled "Sun" would. Becky Raisman generated a truly vibrant single with her uncanny enthusiasm and explosive vocal tones in "Sun."

An even more interesting framework is set with "A Moment With You," which has a melody that captures an almost country/pop-like tone, while the vocal tone of Becky Raisman adheres more to an electronic-based style. "A Moment With You" is where Becky Raisman expresses all of her heartwarming feelings and gushy emotions surrounding infatuation and love. "I want to make a moment or two with you," she sings with heart, never wavering in spirit or stamina. With what appears to be a clear and direct message, Becky Raisman definitely integrates some hidden messages into "A Moment With You," so make sure to keep a close listening ear to what the artist has to say.

The last track on Becky Raisman's EP includes one that possesses a more laidback, chilled-out melody, but most definitely not a laidback performance on Becky's end. The real vitality of "A Song That Plays In My Heart" arises from Becky Raisman's vocal delivery (which by now, you'd see the pattern is that she brings all the energy to her songs). She sings, "Let's get crazy, let's get loud, I'm intoxicated, baby you're a song that plays in my heart." There's such a fun-loving ambiance brought to the listening table with the way she executes these lyrics, and you can't help but get attracted to the seething jubilance that comes from Becky Raisman herself.

All in all, Becky Raisman's EP verified that she's not only an artist that offers enjoyable and stirring musical performances, but she's also an artist that has a riveting, as well as fun-hearted, story to tell.


Thank you for joining us, Becky Raisman, and congratulations on the release of your EP. How would you describe the way this body of work shines a light on you as an artist?

My songs are upbeat, catchy, dancing, good love songs. I like to keep things fresh, new. Out of the three songs presented on your EP, which song expresses the most vulnerable thoughts and emotions from you? I like all 3 songs because they are all unique. They are all different. I've gotten great feedback people to love the first song "Sun" and "A Song That Plays In My Heart" some like "A Moment With You"

Was there a certain theme you attempted to keep up within your EP? No theme really just feel-good tunes, that will leave people wanting for more. I like upbeat, catchy, tunes but I think ballads can be very romantic.

With your EP finally being released, where do you see yourself heading? I'm heading to promote it, my EP has been playing on internet radio and terrestrial radio as well. I've been giving out copies of my CD. I'm working on a new single at the moment.

What's next for you?

New tunes. I'm working on a new single and probably another EP. I hope to one day be on the voice or even America's Got Talent or even a songwriting show like Songland. If anyone is reading this and had connections with the shows contact me.

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