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Become Inspired From BL Bex’s Dreamscape Release “Rainbow Plan"

BL Bex is a California based indie-pop duo that creates exciting music that paints a vivid picture in your head. Consisting on members Ben and Lexie, their solo careers have lead to writing music that has charted on the BBC and since then have found each other through working on the score for the upcoming film ‘Small Blue Shadow.’ Now, as a duo, BL Bex is set out to create groundbreaking music that will leave a lasting impression.

Recently, BL Bex released their feel-good single “Rainbow Plan,” and we are loving every second of it. Opening up with Lexie’s big, bold vocals, a massive piano, and organically driving percussion, “Rainbow Plan” puts us at the top of the highest mountain with a beautiful array of stars. Being about self-belief and embracing your own dreams, “Rainbow Plan,” is an inspiring record to listen to that we are sure will help inspire others to achieve greatness in their lives and conquer their dreams. “Rainbow Plan” is able to keep everything dynamically flowing from one section to another, not keeping stagnant for a moment. It is able to shine a light on each of the stars that we are imagining. We are absolutely thrilled about this release and cannot wait to hear what else is coming from this eclectic duo.

Be sure to listen to “Rainbow Plan” here.

Hello BL Bex! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest release “Rainbow Plan” has warmed our hearts with inspiration, what was like to write this one together?

Rainbow Plan came together from the basic demo to completed master in under 5 days. (It doesn’t always work this quickly). Even though we were working at a distance due to the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown just 2 weeks prior, this one just ‘clicked’ with both of us.

Was the lyric writing a culmination of the two of you?

Lexie wrote the lyrics for Rainbow Plan. Our format for writing has been Lexie writing a basic demo song with lyrics. But we will sometimes get our heads together to finish a sentence or line of lyrics.

We’re loving the slightly cinematic flair to the production, was this something you wanted to achieve when you began the songwriting or did it come down the line?

Ben works with cinematic design and we are both big fans of Classical Music so Ben always includes both these things within our music.

How was the instrumental created? Lexie brings in basic chord sequences and then I elaborate with counter melodies. It’s always an organic process we pass each layer between each other to add something more until we both know it’s complete.

With “Rainbow Plan” being about self-inspiration and embracing your dreams, is there a specific type of person that this song goes out towards? Do you have a personal connection to the lyrics?

Yes, (Lexie) I know so many friends and family who suffer from self-doubt (including myself). I guess I’ve reached a stage in my life where I’m happy to acknowledge mine and accept it… by doing so I have found an inner strength not to reason with myself or anyone else for having a dream and be chasing it. How do you feel the two of you have grown since forming a duo compared to your solo careers? Were there any challenges when working together? (Ben) We found out very quickly we have the same work ethic. When we both start on a project we don’t (can’t) stop until it’s done. (We are both incredibly impatient) We’ve been learning off each other, happy to share our skills between us. The music we are creating is very much a fusion of our sperate influences and backgrounds. Very different from anything we would have created separately.

(Lexie) It’s been a very easy collaboration. Initially, we seemed to be worlds apart in our musical tastes… but I have introduced Ben to my world of Americana and Ben has introduced me into a world of EDM. We are both incredibly focused and are creating so much new music. I guess our greatest challenge was our debut single release! Announcing a new artist with their debut 10 days after the UK went in Covid-19 lockdown. We do like a challenge! Lol

(Ben) …and working from separate studios over lockdown (especially as we only live 10minutes away from each other).

(Lexie) Yes, that was a slight challenge as we like to agree on the final ready for mastering version in the studio together.

What else can we expect for 2020?

We are over half-way through completion of our debut album which we have both spoken about releasing Spring/Summer 2021. But we have a lot of ideas and songs still in demo form to work on, so more single releases, music videos and we’ll continue with our work of bringing the Dance-world into Americana and vice versa.



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