Become Inspired From BL Bex’s Dreamscape Release “Rainbow Plan"

BL Bex is a California based indie-pop duo that creates exciting music that paints a vivid picture in your head. Consisting on members Ben and Lexie, their solo careers have lead to writing music that has charted on the BBC and since then have found each other through working on the score for the upcoming film ‘Small Blue Shadow.’ Now, as a duo, BL Bex is set out to create groundbreaking music that will leave a lasting impression.

Recently, BL Bex released their feel-good single “Rainbow Plan,” and we are loving every second of it. Opening up with Lexie’s big, bold vocals, a massive piano, and organically driving percussion, “Rainbow Plan” puts us at the top of the highest mountain with a beautiful array of stars. Being about self-belief and embracing your own dreams, “Rainbow Plan,” is an inspiring record to listen to that we are sure will help inspire others to achieve greatness in their lives and conquer their dreams. “Rainbow Plan” is able to keep everything dynamically flowing from one section to another, not keeping stagnant for a moment. It is able to shine a light on each of the stars that we are imagining. We are absolutely thrilled about this release and cannot wait to hear what else is coming from this eclectic duo.

Be sure to listen to “Rainbow Plan” here.