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Interview: Sheridan Reed And His Latest Release, "Coffee"

We’re captivated by your expressive sound and cleverly-written lyrics! Could you share your inspiration behind the track “Coffee”?

Thank you very much! The inspiration behind “Coffee” was surrounding a friendship where there were feelings on one side without really ever addressing or talking about it, and the song essentially developed from that line, “Let’s see what this train wreck is gonna be like” while I was having coffee one morning.

Your sound is incredibly raw and well-rounded. Who are some major musical influences in the life of Sheridan Reed?

Some major influences would be Stevie Wonder and Motown; more modern though would be Allen Stone and Lianne La Havas.

In your single “Coffee,” you have quite a way with words! What did you want your audience to take away from your song?

I wanted the audience to take away almost a feeling of empowerment, standing up for yourself and what you deserve and put up with.

You clearly have some sort of technique when songwriting, as you effortlessly get your message across. Could you share with us what your creative process is like?

My creative process typically starts with a chord progression and then toying around with melody ideas and trying to figure out what the song is about or what I’m feeling. Eventually, through working on that I’ll come up with the general concept of what the song is about and develop how I want to speak to it.

Tell us, what are you doing currently to stay creative during this tough time?

I’ve been continuing to write a lot of music, but reading and painting have also very much needed creative escape.

Listen to the new single "Coffee" by Sheridan Reed, here.

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