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Belinda Spreads a Message of Unity and Positivity with New EP “The Process”

From Tucson, Arizona, Belinda is a singer, poet, and creative writer who has just released an EP as a prolific songwriter.

The Religious EP is called 'The Process,' where Belinda aims to spread a message of joy and love regardless of race, gender, and culture. Having sung in church and school choirs since she was young, Belinda has always had an admiration for all types of music (which is evident in her EP).

Working with a total of six other artists, Belinda spreads a message of unity and positivity through her EP “The Process.” “How Excellent” is the first track of the EP. Belinda collaborated with artist Phoenix Alexander on this track to set the tone for the rest of the EP.

With a harmonious soundscape, “How Excellent” is a slower-paced song with simple lyrics. She continues to repeat the question “oh lord, my lord, how excellent is your name?” This song is a graceful introduction to “The Process” theme of religion and positivity.

“The Way He Sees Me” is Belinda’s only solo song of the EP. This track is an ode to self-love and self-actualization. She sings about the world’s ability to obscure how we really see ourselves. Her lyrics depict a journey of “seeing me the way that he sees me.” With “The Way He Sees Me,” Belinda shows fans that they are enough and worthy of their own love.

Like the song the EP is named after, “The Process” takes a chunk of the spotlight. In collaboration with Phoenix Alexander and Anita DeFreitas, Belinda shows us what this EP is really about through her songwriting. The vocalists repeat the feeling of not wanting to go through “The Process,” but that it’s the only way to get to the other side where victory lies.

The message behind this song (and the EP) is that having faith and putting in the work will certainly be worth it in the end. To top off the beautiful message of “The Process,” the vocalists sing together with angelic harmonies, truly making this song the highlight of the EP.

In collaboration with Phoenix Alexander (once again) and Sydnie Jones, Belinda created the song “One Touch.” This track has more of an upbeat soundscape and motivational message. They sing about their journey to coming face to face with Jesus. Many lyrics are dedicated to describing the effort required for the journey. Nevertheless, Belinda continues to sing “I won’t give up till… I get one touch.” “Blessed and Unstoppable” certainly stands out on the EP as the only song with Hip-Hop flavors.

Belinda teamed up with Ridge Wilson and Payton Goldston, who both have a Hip-Hop music style. With an upbeat and hopeful backtrack, Ridge Wilson includes phrases like “Jesus is king” and “you can’t stop my destiny” as he raps his catchy verses. 

Belinda’s lyrics for the song point to the fact that God has already written his plan, which cannot be undone, and there is nothing haters can do to change that. “Blessed and unstoppable” is sung as a battle cry, inspiring to the listener the motivational message that they are unstoppable with God on their side. As the bonus track of “The Process” EP, “I wonder” holds true to the biblical message of positivity. Belinda worked with Elbert Jonesbonus, who is unforgettable due to his alluring, textured voice. His throaty vocals are filled with passion and include flavors of blues, jazz, and gospel-style sounds. Belinda’s lyrics for “I wonder” paint a picture of a world with more positivity.

She sings about how quick people are to ‘hate on one another,’ and how such hasty judgments cause us to ‘waste precious time.’ “I wonder” describes human kindness in its purest form; grabbing hands and ‘trying a little love.’ “I wonder” is the perfect song to tie up the album because it acts as a summary of all of Belinda’s inspiring messages.


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