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Belle VEX Drops An Anthem Of Self-Empowerment With “Nobody, But Me”

From New Bedford to Los Angeles and BACK to the East Coast, soulful pop singer-songwriter Belle VEX unleashes his creative prowess in an anthemic new single titled "Nobody, But Me."

You'll have to look elsewhere if you're looking for a surface-level artist with great tunes and little meaning. Belle VEX is quite the opposite, showcasing his challenges in life and the complex, lavish music industry. After moving to LA to pursue acting, he took his experiences back to the East Coast, processed them, and turned toxicity into positivity through music.

His latest single is a prime example. In "Nobody, But Me," Belle VEX channels those frustrations into a heated, 3-minute pop banger with an accompanying lyric video for extra punch. If Belle VEX makes anything clear, he's standing proud in his independence, authenticity, and confidence, being a true artist's artist by encouraging fellow creatives to stay true to themselves in this cookie-cutter industry.

Diving deeper into "Nobody, But Me," this kickass electro-pop anthem blasts open with buzzy bass-like synths and Belle VEX's ferocious, sharp vocals chanting his bold lyrics. While expressing how he's sick and tired of feeling controlled, VEX drops the heat and leads us to the fiery hook, smashing our speakers with anthemic pop melodies and powerful lyrics that root him deeper in authenticity.

The song's accompanying lyric video brings a more engaging aspect for listeners with clean-cut graphics and Belle VEX's conceptual lyrics that yearn for independence in the music industry. In this 3-minute anthem, Belle VEX clarifies that he's not a puppet, and he won't dance for "Nobody, But Me."

If there was ever a song that all independent artists need to hear, it's this one. Belle VEX does an incredible job portraying the ongoing struggles of artists worldwide trying to make it in this cut-throat scene. But those dreams can become a reality with originality, authenticity, and confidence.

Find Belle VEX's new single, "Nobody, But Me," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Belle VEX! We love the meaning behind your honest new single, "Nobody, But Me." What experiences inspired you to create this powerful song about expressing yourself as an artist?

Hey! Thanks for having me. I'm glad you like the song, and I'm certainly glad to speak with you. So, this song was inevitable. I could talk about it for days, but I was fed up. I was burned out and tired of being looked down on. It was time to say something to the people around me who were using me for my things. Say it to those who think I'm not good enough because my follower count isn't high. I thought about my career and the opportunities I've passed on. Would I have been farther if I had just bent the knee way back when? Who cares. I don't. I never really had this view of being famous anyway. So, to those who have tried to use that against me, you should've tried harder.

Out of sheer curiosity, could you elaborate on some of the negative experiences that led to the creation of "Nobody, But Me"? What have you experienced that you hope other artists can avoid?

Sure, yeah. For starters, I've had $6000 stolen from me by a marketing lead whom I trusted. That set me back on everything. I referenced that in the song. Another thing is that this industry, entertainment in general, is all about the ego, so be careful who you keep around. Your so-called friends might compete with you, yet you'll have to learn. I don't have this one friend anymore, but I'd show him some songs I was working on, and he'd hire a producer to create a copy and then ask me to mix it. That's wild. One more. There was a time when I was shipping demos out to indie labels. I've gotten replies like, "Good song, but we're not pushing that type of music." 6 months later, that label has an artist with an eerily similar song. There's also a song out there I wrote for someone… They didn't even replace the terrible demo vocal. They just used the track I sent them and released it as a song featuring BV. Music-wise, there's so much more to the point where I'm always in fight-or-flight mode.

Did you work alongside any producers when creating the lively electro-pop production for "Nobody, But Me"? Why did you want to give this song an energetic, fiery edge?

Nope, because everyone wants to change my sound. They always want me to take the edge off or sing it like Fall Out Boy. I had someone tell me to sound less like Michael Jackson. I just facepalmed. 3 engineers mixed this song separately, and I did not use those. The mix I chose had a vibe that the others needed to include. That's about as close as I get to working with others. Creatively, I went back to when I started. I've been missing the songs I wrote in my first project for a while anyway, so this was the perfect time to dig into that part of me. The next song follows suit.

What did you want listeners to take away from "Nobody, But Me," even if they're not artists?

Just have an excellent song to listen to. If it vibes and they can relate, that's great. Besides the main point driven home, it's a lesson in boundaries, right? There's stuff I'm not going to do, and I hope the listeners stand their ground if someone tries to walk all over them. Oh, and don't dance for views. 


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