Belle Vex's "Mirror," Reveals The Truth

Connecticut singer and songwriter Belle Vex makes his distress and confusion palpable. Through his defiance and self-possession, he clarifies that no matter how much he's struggling, he'll survive and be stronger for it. That's everything you get and more with Belle Vex's latest single, "Mirror" - the perfectly captured brilliance that dips into what it's like looking in the mirror and seeing a complete stranger

A rather encapsulating sonic and visual concept is brought to life as we take in the emotional expressions reflected in "Mirror." Automatically, those familiar with the electronic textures and gleaming synthesizers of past Belle Vex recordings might be surprised by the arrangement of this particular record. Opening up his bag as Belle Vex adopts a new sound, the captivating rise, and fall of this folk ballad has us soaring in the velvety vocalization of Belle Vex.

Anyone who has ever been involved in a desperate romantic entanglement knows how destabilizing it can be. There often comes a moment where the lover is so consumed with longing and uncertainty that he becomes unrecognizable to himself.

He looks at his reflection and sees a stranger. In "Mirror," Belle Vex captures that experience brilliantly and does it with the honesty, intelligence, emotional intensity, and compassion that his fans have long associated with his work. Pairing the sonic element of "Mirror" with the elegance of minimalism in the filmic component, we embrace the emerging artist in his most raw and authentic form.

As Belle Vex stars in this showcase, we can find him home with an acoustic guitar, haunted by a man who no longer seems like a friend in the mirror. The creative direction also has us incorporating these intimate scenes with the dimly lit street lights as we see Belle Vex out at night alone and singing to the darkness that refuses to respond to him.

We see the darkness that can live within one when navigating their footing around a love loss. Belle Vex has an impactful reach that allows his audience to relate to him first-hand. Warmly embracing us as he professes his flaws in this vulnerable masterpiece, Belle Vex has tapped our toes into a profound tale.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Belle Vex, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Mirror." This song serves as a truthful letter to yourself and your audience relating to your music. When it comes to the vulnerability heard in this track, do you tend to take this approach to your lyrics?

Hey, thank you, thank you. Glad to be here. Normally, I'd try to use imagery to hide what I'm saying to make it a little more conceptual or poetic. Escapism was sort of my thing. I felt I couldn't do that here. I had to be direct. At the moment, it feels like a one-off, but I think I might just leave the curtain open for a while.

Since this music video happens to be slightly different from your usual approach, what was it like filming in a different environment? Was this always your vision when deciding the creative direction?

Not at all. I like big ideas and theatrical presentations. Originally, I had this grandiose idea, but to strip it down to a simple room felt right. Even as I penned it out, everything made sense. As for the filming, I'm born for this. I'm professionally trained to handle all of this stuff, and my personality just lets me do it. The only time I've ever been uncomfortable when working was on the set of Free Guy. I was doing extra work for fun, and Ryan Reynolds was on set that day. This dude's a rainbow, and everyone there just wanted to crowd him. He's just on a whole other level. I stood back and watched it all. It was kind of wild.

Bringing life to this new sound and side of yourself has us rather excited for where you're headed! What inspired you to branch out and take this approach? Can we expect to hear more of this styling from you?

Yeah, I would love to say it was an inspiration, but I can't. It was definitely therapy. I accept my younger self, mistakes and all, and it's time to move on. Going forward, I will be open, but this is a ballad, and its scarcity among my other tracks makes it that much more powerful. I'd say to expect more excitement with the lyrics to match. Up until now, I've been going easy. The gloves are off.

What would you want it to be if your audience could take away a message from this song?

Love can blind you and make you act in ways you never knew possible. Keep that in mind because the concept of love can really make you feel a certain type of way, good or bad. Somewhere down the line or now, depending on how old you are, you may think back and feel embarrassed or even bad about yourself. I'm telling you, though, that you are not who you were, and you will not be who you are today. It's not just you. Everyone around you changes, and that includes your view of them. You have to accept that.

What's next for you?

I don't know. The funds aren't there right now, so let me rack my brain and figure out a way to get the next video done or a tour happening, and I will definitely get back to you. Everyone believes it's so easy to get a song out, but it's not. No worries, though, cause I'm definitely going to make it happen. Just watch me.