Ben Harold & The Rising Get Real in "JUST A GHOST"

Ben Harold & The Rising is an Americana, Roots-Rock band hailing from Milwaukee, WI. Creating a unique yet familiar approach to their genre, Ben Harold & The Rising's signature sound could fit in any variety of eras yet remains modern and exclusive to the band.

As we turn to focus on their latest album release titled, 'THESE DAYS,' we hear that they explore the complexities of being human in extraordinary times. Kicking off the album with "JUST A GHOST," Ben Harold & The Rising aims to deliver an immersive experience that has us embracing the emotion they pour into their art.

Piloting through an innovative storyline with creativity flowing, the album's introductory single brings an amplified sense of ease as you cohere with the storytelling techniques the genre of Americana tends to get to the grander scheme of sonic ventures as such.

"JUST A GHOST" portrays the tale of a woman who has set aside her dreams and aspirations so that her four kids might live the life she never had. With such a deep quintessence that's laced into the thought-provoking narrative, we can't help but hear how the instrumentation and vocal performance unite the themes in an interconnected fashion.

Sustaining guitar riffs, timely percussion, and a memorable bassline amalgamate to convey an intimate foundation for the reverberated timbres to lay upon. Sifting through texture in the layered croons, as well as the intensity in which we hear "JUST A GHOST," one thing remains vastly apparent: Ben Harold & The Rising have a voice that you want your attention to land.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ben Harold & The Rising, and congratulations on the release of this flourishing project. You all sound so wonderful together, and we can truly pick up on the energy that takes you into a newfound dimension. Could you please introduce listeners to the band, and how each member brings the vision to life?

About two years ago, when this band was first coming together under the name, "Ben Harold" it became very clear from the start that the full band needed to be acknowledged because it was a true collaboration of musical talent, sensibilities, and input. While I (Ben) am the lead singer/songwriter, each member shapes the song's style and arrangement. Every song on "These Days" carries the personal mark of each member of this band and many were completely changed or re-recorded because of everyone's influence and ideas.

The Rising is:

Ben Harold - Vocals, Guitars.

Carl Crumbliss - Bass.

Dan Kolesari - Keyboards.

Joe Howard - Drums, Background Vocals.

Ken Zabler - Guitars, Background Vocals.

In terms of themes, sounds, and heart, what do listeners have in store when tuning into ‘THESE DAYS?'

Listeners, we hope, are going to hear themselves in these songs. They are a collection of stories all written during a time of major shifts in our lives--both individually and as humans. We just tried to give those themes the proper and most fitting vessel to carry them.

What was your reasoning for placing “JUST A GHOST” as the introductory single on this album? What statement do you want this song to make on the themes addressed, and on you as a band?

"Just A Ghost" means a lot to me (Ben) personally and was the first song written for this project. It's a song that we think a lot of people can relate to directly or indirectly. Putting it first felt like the right thing to do to kick off an album that wanted to tell a full narrative.

Is “JUST A GHOST” based on a real-life story? How important is it for you to take truthful moments and vulnerability into the music you deliver?

"Just A Ghost" is based on a real story. My (Ben) mom was a musician, like myself. She played guitar and sang and she gave that up in order to take me and my three siblings out of a bad situation. She sacrificed a huge part of her being during that time so that her kids could have the life and childhood she never had. Even more, she taught me a guitar and encouraged me to pursue music. The sacrifice isn't the end of her story, but it is an important part. I wanted to capture that on a broader level that allows people to see their situation in those themes. I think being vulnerable and honest in your music allows the song to be what it is meant to be and those are the songs that connect with people.

What's next for you?

We're looking to get on with a national act and continue to build what we have laid a foundation for. We know people who hear our music are drawn into it--that's not something we can control but it is a responsibility we take seriously. This life, in so many ways, chose us, and we've given into that. Our mentality is, "what's the next big stage?" we are always working hard to grow this and to do it with humility and joy.