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Ben Jamn Has A Message That Needs To Be Heard In “Jesus Work On Me”

Born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia, Ben Jamn used to create music for all the bad reasons but never for the good until he built a stronger relationship with God. This caused him to create way more meaningful music for himself and others. Telling his life story and spreading it to anybody who can relate, is his mission of ministry in this world.

Ben Jamn released his single titled “Jesus Work On Me” and the lyrics were ON POINT. What Ben Jamn did showed a high caliber of songwriting on his end.

From what we interpreted by listening to this record Ben Jamn created a love story in which he’s asking God to help him better himself as a man. This message was highly important in my opinion because it covered a topic not many people gather the courage to address in music! Ben Jamn is reaching out to others and significantly touching other people with meaningful music that’s much needed in today’s world. The current stage of hip-hop is missing a record like “Jesus Work On Me” and an artist like Ben Jamn who isn’t afraid to go against the grain, and stand in his own lane, separate from the non-substantial rappers that’s out right now. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Ben Jamn has to offer us, but in the meantime, I’ll go vibe out to “Jesus Work On Me”

Listen to “Jesus Work On Me” here and get to know more about Ben Jamn below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! You mentioned to us how your music use to have more of a negative context than now. Do you mind telling us a little bit more on what you meant by that?

Years ago when I started making music I was heading down a bad path in my life. From growing up being around nothing but negative things and environment, from my brothers in and out of prison to my house being raided countless time, to getting hit by a drive by shooting and watching the screen glass door shatter by a bullet as I was walking out. My music seemed to be the subject of all those things until later in my life I accepted Jesus in my heart and took a break from recording music until I was ready to speak hope and reach people who may have been once lost as I was.

What are some challenges a Gospel rapper may face opposed to a regular rapper?

Being a Christian Rapper I do get it somewhat harder than I did in the past because not everyone is going to agree with how you believe even if you're of the same religion and even if you aren't religious. You're always going to be questioned as this "perfect man" which is not the case. Every day we all make mistakes and that's no different. I personally do not try to preach down someone's throat but I can hopefully relate to many who once may have been struggling with their beliefs and feelings within themselves. I think I am no different than anyone else behind the mic and hopefully I can help guide just one person to Christ in their near future.

“Jesus Work On Me” was excellent. Of course, nobody can tell the meaning of the song better than the artist themselves, so we must ask, what was the theme behind it?

I was in a relationship when I was younger which led to us having a child together. She was living for Christ at the time but I was half foot in and half out. Our relationship struggled greatly because of that which led to a rough break up for myself. As time passed I began struggling with myself mentally and was probably the hardest and darkest time of my life. I do credit all of this happening because of God. I was not being the man I was destined to be in life and who I always wanted to be. Without any of this my life could have ended up as my brothers did and for that I am very thankful to God. It also helped build a great relationship with my daughter's mother even tho we haven't been together for years now and without Jesus that wouldn't have been possible.

In what ways were you able to relate to this song Ben Jamn?

Music has been a huge part of my life for 15yrs now so being able to write my thoughts is a gift I am greatly appreciative of. I was inspired to write this at a time in my life that I needed to write it because it was like writing the final chapter of my past life.

Thank you for sharing your music with us! What’s next for you?

As of right now I'm going to continue making new music and reaching people who can relate and who cannot. Whatever God has in store for me I am ready for it.


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