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BenFly's "Sipping Casa" is an Instant Hit

True to his name, BenFly has created one hell of a fly song on his latest release, "Sipping Casa." Aiming to develop notoriety, BenFly unleashes his rhymes with prowess and stature, if you didn't know his name before you will after listening to "Sipping Casa." BenFly, formerly known as Benjamin Fly, is an upcoming artist out of San Diego, CA, and is currently making industry noise with his unique sounds and super-fly style. His catchy hooks and ability to ride his rhymes over any of his stylized beats set him apart from other artists in the game.

"Sipping Casa" has a catchy piano riff that repeats over the track pulling you deep and more profound into BenFly's rhymes, he stays on tempo the entire record, never wavering. Memorable verses are lavishly ladened throughout this catchy track, lyrics like: "Gotta make sure you remember my name," "I'm taking off just like a rocket," "Think its the money, I don't care about fame," will have the listener rapping along with BenFly's signature style. "Sipping Casa" is a multidimensional rhythm production, from the ticking percussion, engaging repetitious piano keys. BenFly's ability to land all his rhymes on time makes "Sipping Casa" a hot track to get down with. Discover "Sipping Casa" here.

Hello BenFly, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We were very impressed by your latest release "Sipping Casa." What was your vision for this track and do you feel like you achieved that on the finished product? When starting the track, my main goal was to get back to rapping more streets and up-tempo. Before, I was focusing on more waves, melodies, and sounds. So I definitely feel I achieved my goal by getting back to my roots.  You play with a lot of varying tempos on this track that together create a solidified foundation of rhythm. What is your process for laying such a rich background sound of beats? For this track the instrumental really took the lead on how I approach the record, the beat is a very fast Tempo with blazing piano keys and drums going crazy. I had no choice but to follow the flow of the instrumental. How long have you been creating music? Was there anything in particular that inspired you to start a career in music? Going on 11 years. My older brother and some older cousins always used to rap and write rhymes a lot around me growing up. I would have to say it probably started there. What is the main objective you try to achieve for your listener's listening experience when working on a project? How do you want people to perceive your art?

A positive energy. The message is to always work hard and “get some money first” so you can be the master of your own business.

What can we expect to hear next from you, BenFly?

More music from me and my team (Style & Soul) 

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