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Be on the Lookout For Brandon B's Single, "Expensive Habit"

Hailing from Santa Barbara, C.A., songwriter, rapper, and producer Brandon B announces the release of his groovy and groundbreaking single, "Expensive Habit."

Having written and produced for names like Katy Perry, Too Short, and Michael Marshall, Brandon B's credits don't stop there, as he spent much of the early 00s producing party-rocking tracks with DJ Z-Trip (LL Cool J's DJ).

Recently announcing the release of his new single, "Expensive Habit," Brandon B brings listeners deep into cash-blowing routines. After a private listen, Brandon B stopped us dead in our tracks with his confident, playfully obnoxious, and intelligent bars. We're incredibly excited for our readers to get to know this hit, as it brings both rhythm and talent all in one.

Keep your eyes open for Brandon B's forthcoming single, "Expensive Habit," coming soon to all digital streaming platforms.


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