Berklee Student Delivers A Multi-faceted Nomadic Song

Lunar is a singer/songwriter from Boston, MA, Whom is currently studying music at Berklee College of Music. Her latest release "Project" is set to be her last single as her studies are taking her into the business side of the music industry! "Project" was written, produced, mix and mastered by Lunar herself and serves as a way to escape from the void. The single begins with melodic keys to a piano before Lunar chills us with her intricate vocals. The magical aspect of the transitions in this single is you’re unsure of what direction the song is going. You’re sure to receive different elements of surprise throughout the video as a whole.

The nomadic curiosity of the song keeps you intrigued and yearning for more. I personally believed the song was going to be more dwell-some than up-beat. Nonetheless, it transitioned into an gaudy pop song however the ostentatious effect wears off before Lunar gives us an augmented piano break that lasts about 15 seconds.15 seconds of dramatic emotion before she clocks us with the idiosyncratic pop tune again.

Listen to "Project" here.

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