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Best Beginner Acoustic Guitar Amps: Top Picks For New Players

Having a fantastic amplifier is essential for guitar players as it will make quite the difference in making the sound louder and more distinct. There’s quite a range of options available on the market, and choosing with a wide variety of features can be challenging. This article hopes to help you choose the best acoustic guitar amp for beginners pursuing their passions.

Now, when you’re selecting an amp, there are so many factors that you will need to consider, and size will play a significant role, with smaller amps being more portable while larger ones will and can, in many cases, offer quality that some might be pursuing. Power output is always to watch, as higher wattage amps can deliver more powerful performances. Still, lower wattage options are more likely the chance the majority will opt for when it comes to home use.

This article will review some of the top beginner acoustic guitar amps based on their size, power output, and other features that one might deem the most important.

Top Acoustic Guitar Amps For Beginners

When it comes to finding the acoustic guitar amp of your dreams, there is no shortage of choices, and here are some of the recommended guitar amps that cater a bit more to those who might be beginners:

1. Fender Acoustasonic 15

If you're seeking a more affordable price, consider Fender Acoustasonic 15. With a 15-watt output and a 6-inch speaker configuration, you'll experience a more balanced ideal, mainly for small gigs and practice sessions. Of course, these amps have features like a headphone jack and an aux input, making it more convenient to practice quietly or jam along with your tunes.

2. Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT

The Boss Acoustic Singer Live LT is right in the wheelhouse of musicians who perform gigs, as it's a very versatile acoustic guitar amp that offers 60 watts of output through its 6.5-inch speaker. The best thing is that you'll come to find some built-in effects like reverb, chorus, and delay. It has two channels, and the microphone or any other instrument will connect easily, thus making it an excellent choice for performers.

3. Fishman Loudbox Mini

So, if you have to move as a musician often, the Fishman Loudbox Mini is designed to match your needs. It is compact and portable compared to others, and the acoustic guitar amp delivers 60 watts of power through its 6.5-inch speaker. The good thing is that it also offers two channels to connect a microphone or other instruments. The built-in reverb and chorus effects will add much-needed depth to your sound, and the feedback suppression feature goes a long way with quality.

4. Marshall AS50D

The fantastic thing about the Marshall AS50D as a guitar amp is that it works in both scenarios when it comes to being suitable for practice sessions and live performances. A power output of 50 watts through two 8-inch speakers provides a more dynamic sound. These amps offer options for portability, power output, built-in effects, and connectivity capabilities. Like the others, the two channels give you the flexibility to connect a microphone or any other instrument, and of course, it even has built-in effects like reverb and chorus.


Finding one can be challenging when unfamiliar with selecting a guitar amp for beginners. Still, with the correct information, you can make that decision way more manageable than expected. This piece has provided the much-needed reviews of the amps, each offering features and advantages. The Fender Acoustasonic 15 does stand out as the best all-around choice due to its sound quality, user-friendliness, and affordability.

However, as said before, if you are seeking a more portable option, then the Yamaha THR5A offers a range of features, and if you're looking for opportunities when it comes to sound quality, versatility, and durability, consider the Boss Acoustic Singer Pro or the AER Compact 60.

For budget choices that still deliver excellent sound quality, checking out the Blackstar Fly 3 Bluetooth or Fishman Loudbox Mini is undoubtedly worth it – particularly suitable for smaller gigs.

Determining the proper acoustic guitar amp for you when you're a beginner depends greatly on preference, budget constraints, and intended usage. The good thing is that you can make an informed choice about which amplifier to go for by considering each option's different features and benefits.


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