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Betty Moon Serves Up Diverse Sound with Exhilarating Vibes on, “The Liar”

Multi-talented Betty Moon immerses us in her captivating new single, “The Liar,” from her album, 'Little Miss Hollywood.'

Always hard at work, Betty Moon operates the company Evolver Music Inc. and her music has been featured in a variety of television shows and films including Californication, Dexter, and Bounty Hunters to name a few.

The Los Angeles-based Grammy-ballot nominated artist, songwriter, and producer has been working hard in the studio to bring you more of her unique brand of Pop-Alternative melodies complimented by her seductive, powerful, and widely recognized voice.

Her entrancing album, 'Little Miss Hollywood,' is currently on the ballot for next year’s Grammy Awards for Best Solo Performance and Record of the Year.

“The Liar,” blends all of the components we love about Betty Moon and goes into the depths of her vivid storytelling. The captivating track begins with enticing synths and a hard-hitting bassline that has the speakers shaking. The percussion is introduced with the angelic and ominous sounds of Betty Moon’s astronomic vocals taking you on an electrifying sound voyage with reverberations and harmonies she conveys.

"The Liar," instantly transports you with an exhilarating range through her well-crafted lyrics and intoxicating hook. Genres are fused together in a seemingly effortless manner as we hear a Pop flavor sprinkled with Rock components and the nostalgic sound of 80’s electronic vibes that captivate us instantly.

As she vocalizes the powerful hook, “Now I’m tellin’ you goodbye with a big smile, tried to knock me down but I got back up, just to prove that you’re the liar,” we can’t help but have goosebumps down our spines as it pairs with the haunting tone of the instrumentation so well. Betty's multi-layered, diverse sound has an unapologetic approach as Betty Moon continues to dominate with this sizzling record.

It’s no wonder Betty Moon is a Grammy-nominated artist reigning in on her enchanting sound. The essence and vibe she brings to the table are without a doubt giving us the energy we need to thrive.

Hello Betty and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on the release of, “The Liar.” With a powerful track and latest album ‘Little Miss Hollywood’, where did the inspiration for the music stem from?

Thank you for that, and yes I agree the song and album are powerful for many reasons. I started writing the music for Little Miss Hollywood late last year and a lot of this was completed before the pandemic started. I think after living that life and finally moving to Hollywood and Los Angeles, I wanted to write an album that was fantasia meets autobiographical storytelling of my adventures in interactions.

Especially in a year like 2020, there’s a bit of nostalgia that comes with this album personally, but can also be an auditory escape for the listener as they imagine themselves being a part of the story. Obviously, some of you are haha. Some of the songs also cover past relationships, which inspires a lot of my music but most of these stories took place within Hollywood and LA at some point throughout my career. It was just a trip to be writing these songs sometimes overlooking the ocean here in California, and then all of a sudden mixing the final tracks during a time when the beaches were empty, clubs were closed and people had mixed feelings on what version of life lay ahead. We all should be tapped into and explore some new music, especially now right!

Could you please go into a deeper meaning behind the lyrics? What do you want listeners to take away from, “The Liar?"

Despite the song’s lighthearted feel and pulsing vibe, the lyrics are about those casual liars in our lives. We all know one, it could be a lover, an ex-best friend, or even a family member who just feeds you these lines that you know are far from the truth. Sometimes the pain is best expressed through being creative, and the last thing I’d want to write on this subject is music that is dull and depressing. I always found the best way to get over a liar is to start out by making yourself unavailable, followed by dancing the night away and butterfly amongst those who put love into the world. A much better hang. And who doesn’t like getting revenge any which way you can, small or large.

What non-musical influences do you let into your music to create an album like, 'Little Miss Hollywood?'

I’ve always been into fashion, art, dance and fitness, and close friendships that I’ve maintained for many years. Those all spill over into my energy and the creative process somehow. The Hollywood essence that Little Miss Hollywood holds really brings a playful humorous spin on what I continue to sing about and what it is motivated by., I wouldn’t have a story to tell if it wasn’t for ample experiences from a quintessential time in my life, where I decided to try everything once haha.

In your creative process, what comes first, the instrumentation, or the lyrics?

Typically the music first. Sometimes my musician friends will come in and help take an idea down the field a bit and then the lyrics come out of nowhere. Or perhaps somewhere unknown to me or anyone for that matter... Sometimes I have to take a finished song (instrumentally) and take a day to dream up the right vibe lyrically. I think a lot of people think writing lyrics is easy, but it’s actually the most intimate and thought demanding process. If it’s not the right day or time, you can’t force it. It’s easier to come up with riff and song ideas though, so if I can’t write lyrics that day I’ll just move along to writing more instrumentals. Many times I just sang gibberish and then the gibberish becomes words within no time.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

Right now I’m on the GRAMMY ballot for 'Little Miss Hollywood' and a handful of singles from the effort. At the moment I’m really pushing and networking to make it as a nominee for the 2021 awards. I’m also toying around with ideas for videos from the album and am in the studio working on new music weekly.


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