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BexX and LadyNade Come Together For a Cosmic Soundscape in, "All That You Dream"

BexX defines their own sound as a theatrical mix of meaningful songwriting, classical and baroque-pop, electro-pop, and world flavors, with a mission to challenge stereotypes and expectations, attempting to break down the boxes and limitations of society.

In an expression to create their own lane, BexX comes equipped with a genre of music titled, ‘Genre Non-Conforming’, or ‘Genrefluid,’ which acts as a parallel to Genderfluidity which is their main area of artistic focus.

In a year of unprecedented firsts, BexX has recruited LadyNade, to bring life to the single, “All That You Dream.” These two Bristol singer-songwriters have come together for an exciting collaboration that thrives as a product of the pandemic, social distancing, and two lockdowns. “All That You Dream,” is a celebration of hope that better times lie ahead.

As proud Bristol natives, the synergy between BexX and LadyNade extends beyond a postcode, and this dynamic duo proves that to us in the melodic adventure of this single.

In the luxurious feel of robust instrumentation, you find yourself instantly floating in the realm of BexX and LadyNade in the captivating pull of, “All That You Dream.” The elegant spark of hopefulness shines brightly through the soothing embrace that BexX seamlessly offers its listeners. Dancing upon each note through swift cadences and opulent harmonies, we can’t help but zone in on each element of this production as it jumps out at you in decadent descants.

“All That You Dream,” dazzles us in expressions of encouraging words that BexX is delivering to a younger version of themselves. Opening up a vulnerable sector of intimate lyrics, BexX also encourages its listeners to take that leap of faith towards the aspirations they may be afraid to tackle in wanting to be something else.

The dynamism between BexX and Lady Nade playoff in such an effortless manner as you take in their musical creations. As Lady Nade, presents a lavish addition of oozing originality, you recognize the strength that having her on this record brings to the table.

As BexX and Lady Nade continue to reach into the prolific stars that are placed in their universe, we sit back and take each extravagant moment in as they offer us a piece of themselves in, “All That You Dream.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BexX! Congratulations on the release of, “All That You Dream,” featuring LadyNade. We truly admire the composition at hand with this single and we would love to know; how did the striking collaboration of yourself and LadyNade come to be? What was it like working with one another? Is this the first time you have collaborated, or have you worked with any other artists previously?

LadyNade and I have been great friends for over a decade. We kept meeting at open mic nights, sharing our love for music and performance. Over time we developed a unique relationship. We’ve both individually devoted our lives to music and it was only a matter of time before we would eventually work together. I’ve worked with many artists and songwriters and I enjoy collaborating which has always been part of my artistry. I love helping others develop creative ideas, whether that's with recording, production, or vocal technique. What I particularly love about the co-write with LadyNade, is that it was a combination of her songwriting craft and my music composition and production.

We absolutely love how you and LadyNade define your genres of music as ‘Genre Non-Conforming’ or ‘Genrefluid.’ At what moment did this description come to life? Do you think this is a good way for new fans to better understand who you both are as artists?

LadyNade has often been told that black females only sing soul R&B or Jazz. This has always quietly been playing on her mind, however, during her creative process, the one thing that is always at the center is staying true to her art regardless of the genre. 

My stance is that of a parallel with Gender-fluidity. I’ve worked hard to come to terms with my own identity. And, I realized that by being Non-Binary, I have a need to express my music in a similar way. It doesn’t help creativity to pigeonhole music into categories. I want to cross genres and express myself truly in the way that I want to, rather than conform to the norms that the outside world expects. It's not so much about the sound or style of an individual song though, more about the philosophy of what we do as artists.

Through the twists and turns of 2020, you mentioned that there were some fears to overcome with a release of this caliber. Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when bringing “All That You Dream” to life?

With the pandemic, we’ve all had to work out new ways of working remotely. Lockdown has meant I’ve had more time in isolation to write, create, arrange, and produce. I feel it was important to release ‘All That You Dream’ right now, as it shows that we can still get things done, regardless of all the set-backs that life throws in the way. Also, it’s a song that I hope will resonate with a lot of people during the winter lockdown and help to raise spirits and bring people together at a time that many need it the most. We made the video together in between lockdowns. We had big ideas for the video but we realized we had to do it ourselves and keep it simple, to save money, and because the people we needed weren’t so available. Regardless, we had great fun making our own lyric video with pens, paper, and stars!

What was the most memorable moment you had when creating “All That You Dream”? Was there anything you wish you could have done in the creation of the track that wasn't possible because of 2020?

When the chorus came together, that was a magical moment. Prior to that, the song didn’t even have a chorus. We wanted to take what was initially an Experimental Ballad and turn it into something that would universally be a positive tool for helping others pursue their dreams. In the creation of the track, I wish I could have recorded the whole thing with a live band and live backing choir using analog and tape, a technique I enjoy because of its rawness and authenticity.

What does 2021 hold for you both? Is there a follow-up from "All That You Dream" already in the pipeline?

My EP. ‘On To Bigger Things’. A journey of the pursuit of passion will be released in 2021. It's a transformative sequence of four songs, starting with self-realization, then fear, acceptance, and finally growth. It’s a concept I’ve had for many years that is finally coming to fruition. In 2019, I began coming out as nonbinary and the EP is a reflection of the process. It was a pivotal moment when I realized that I needed to release my music in conjunction with my identity, as they are one and the same thing. The way I wanted to express my music was waiting for me inside all along, I was just blocking it by not being true to myself. I hid my art. I wrote the first song on the EP, at that pivotal moment when I decided I had to reinvent myself. It’s called ‘Freedom Doesn’t Mean A Thing, (If There’s No Peace Within)’, to which ‘All That You Dream’ has been an apt pre-cursor. In 2021, LadyNade has a third mini Album and tour in the pipeline, and has recently been nominated for the ‘UK Song of the Year’ at the UK Americana Awards, and has become a Patron for The Music Venue Trust supporting Grassroots Music Venues across the country that have been fundamental to our careers.

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