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Beyond Tha Noize Rattles Off Yet Another Intriguing Single With "I Told You"

With immense pleasure and eager excitement, we feature Beyond Tha Noize on our website here at BuzzMusic. DJ and producer Richard Sacilotto currently resides in Melbourne, Australia, and has repeatedly blessed audiences across his home country and across the globe with his inventive and electrifying sound time and time again.

With the release of his hit single "I Told You," listeners get an unforgettable taste of his tantalizing style and irrevocably astonishing talent. This track, in particular, highlights a true, immersive electronic-dance rhythm that invokes a surreal atmosphere engulfed in deep bass and melodic intensity. This piece is a prime example of why Beyond Tha Noize has undisputedly landed atop prominent and talent-filled electronic dance music charts.

Dynamically expressing his creative superiority, Richard Sacilotto gives credit to his father Adrian as a shining inspiration towards his career as a spirited artist. With his versatile and distinguished ability on display, the reason Beyond Tha Noize has been frequently featured over the radio and performed at numerous notable venues is abundantly clear.

With so much to look forward to and many more impeccable tunes to dive into that have already been released, we absolutely cannot wait to hear more from Beyond Tha Noize. A compelling feeling washes over audiences everywhere as we gear up to entrench ourselves further with Richard's enthusiastic and exhilarating work.

Thank you for joining us here at BuzzMusic Beyond Tha Noize, and congratulations on the release of your masterpiece "I Told You". Are there any future collaborations you have in store that you can reveal to us?

We have a lot of collaborations coming up, we are in the middle of finishing off the track as we speak. Also, we have some new releases coming out on some big labels around the globe. Exciting Times Ahead Have you followed your father's footsteps in regards to your musical style or does it differ in many ways?

He used to play in Nightclubs as well so he was always playing the latest club & Techno Tracks, so you could say the club's tracks are pretty similar. What has been your favorite venue or show that you've played in recent memory?

I would have to say Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Pretty Amazing Venue and playing alongside some big names were pretty amazing. If you had one message to your fans, what would it be?

Once we are given the all-clear to travel outside of Australia. We are coming on Tour!

What's next for you?

Pushing out as much music as we can. Doing a lot of Local Australian shows for now until we are free to travel then we will go on tour.



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