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Big Bounce Becomes Vulnerable With His New Hit “Had Nun”

A city kid from Chicago’s west side named Big Bounce, always thought of his music as a reflection of himself and the people, places he has came from. This is his story, that he’s openly willing to share.

Big Bounce released the single “Had Nun” and this powerful song begins with a melodic introduction. The beat was emotional, to help convey the sentiments of the artist. Big Bounce becomes vulnerable in his delivery, and expresses his reality through the music. He shares a part of his story, connecting with his listener, and stripping down the “Fake rapper” image. Big Bounce is an authentic rapper who knows how to move his listener with his truth. The passion presented in “Had Nun” was so strongly showcased, it was absolutely amazing to hear. Big Bounce allows his listener to become as one with the song, intertwining the story with the music. You place yourself in the same setting, and emotions Big Bounce is feeling for himself. This was a nice way to build chemistry between the artist and listener, a true skill and craft I believe most artists should aim to achieve.

Listen to "Had Nun" here and get to know more about Big Bounce below!

Hey Big Bounce! Your name is super cool and appealing! What’s the inspiration behind it?

thanks and the inspiration was based mainly on true events in my life, also for those in prison seeking hope to get out, and for people caught up in the streets that eventually finds a way out 

“Had Nun” felt like a powerful song. What was the major theme surrounding this record?

the process u deal with to make a living just to end up losing everything you gained and finding it in you to get back up and go at it again 

What was the most challenging emotion as an artist you had to endure while writing this record?

the most challenging emotion I’ve had to endure is the things close to me that I’ve lost in recent time so the feeling of losing something that you’ll never get back was tough to deal with for this record. 

How do you plan to elevate the next single from the previous!?

I plan to really continue to find my sound and make sure every song is quotable and when u hear certain words and catch phrases you know it’s me every time 

What’s next for you?

just continuing to make music that relates to my culture and music that flows with the lifestyle of where I’m from in Chicago. 


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