Big Daddy Deja Smacks The Scene With A Heated New Bop, "I Like It (Remix)"

Coming in hot from Chicago, Illinois, rapper, songwriter, and recording artist Big Daddy Deja gets the party started with her latest single and music video, "I Like It (Remix)."

No stranger to tragedy, the relentless recording artist felt inspired to pursue music when her first love, rapper Rondonumbanine, was sentenced to jail. After her child's father passed away due to gun violence, Deja also suffered a gunshot wound. Turning to music by writing songs in her car has become a cathartic outlet for the driven recording artist whose music truly knows no bounds.

Big Daddy Deja is most known for her raw, energetic, and braggadocious bars. Both the beauty and the beast, Big Daddy Deja recently dropped a flaming single, "I Like It (Remix)." The song's music video captures the essence of a lively girls party with dancing, blunts, and a whole 'lotta ass.

Circling back to the new single, "I Like It (Remix)," the track kicks into gear with a snappy hi-hat drum beat and Big Daddy Deja's dominant vocal appearance that jumps into her fiery bars right off the bat. We honestly can't get enough of Big Daddy Deja's oozing confidence and witty performance; she makes us laugh one minute and has us sharpening our twerking skills the next.

This song is the perfect track to head into the weekend, and we're sure all our girlies will be getting down to this new and exciting bop for quite a while. The song's production is another thrilling aspect that keeps the energy at a high, but Big Daddy Deja's performance is the cherry on the pun intended.

Get down and turn up to Big Daddy Deja's fiery new single, "I Like It (Remix)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Big Daddy Deja. We're totally impressed with the raw talent and energy you've delivered in your new single, "I Like It (Remix)." When did you begin feeling inspired to create this bop?

I began feeling inspired to write my "I like it" track during the summer of 2021. I couldn’t stress enough how I needed to get everyone’s attention, and make a dance song, so that’s exactly what I did. Who produced the heavy and bold production for "I Like It (Remix)?" What vibe and feeling did you want the song's production to offer?

DJ Roc created the beat, and it was iconic. That's when I decided to step outside the box and add my raunchy lyrics to it. Your bars in "I Like It (Remix)" are truly unmatched. How long did it take to write such cohesive and conceptual bars? What was that process like?

The process was pretty smooth. It took me like 45 minutes to write my "I Like It" lyrics, and I wrote most of it in the car.

What was your experience on the music video set for "I Like It (Remix)"? Was the filming process as fun as the music video?

I actually recorded the "I Like It" video on my birthday, and it was so much fun. However, it didn’t go as planned because Airbnb canceled my party. Sad to say, they don’t know they missed history that night. But recording the music video was so organic.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is putting together a project where I can release more than 1 song, and push the project with a massive campaign. Instagram