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Big Runts Release Fresh New Single “Broke No More”

Big Runts is breaking the standards of today’s music society as their the first little man rap duo ever. Them being different than most is already eye-catchy enough but their music is blazing! with Cris-G being from Carson CA, & Bulldogg being from Boston Ma, they a have different unique styles merged from both coasts East & West.

Big Runts released their single titled “Broke No More” and we were impressed by the lyrical development in this record. Usually rappers tend to “flex” about what they have and the life they’re living, however Big Runts took a different approach with “Broke No More”. Instead, this dynamic duo creates an authentic delivery to the flexing generation of today’s rap! Instead of discussing what they have, they discuss what they’re aiming to achieve! The jewels, the life to live, and the riches is what they desire and they rap about it in “Broke No More”. In a way, they were still able to flex with a hype beat that matches the style of flex rap today. Big runts fuses together their different backgrounds to create a hit that could translate across the map! “Broke No More” is a perfect party hit due to the slapping bass we love in our rap music! You can interpret the idea that despite them being unusual from the standard rapper we see, they have the skill and twice the artistry to compete with the best. Big Runts is a fire duo who knows how to lyrically spit, create catchy phrases, and own their image to the best of its ability!

Listen to "Broke No More" here, and get to know Big Runts better through their interview below!

Being apart of a duo or band could cause certain obstacles due to differences in opinions and styles! How do you two manage to overcome these challenges and fuse together your diverse flare?

Being a duo is sooo hard. We thank God we like brothers, and we have such  amazing and supporting families. Our families basically push us to the studio, because they believe in the movement so much. They know this is our passion, this is what we love, and what we want to do for the rest of our lives. I cant imagine how bigger groups do it. Everyone has they own opinion on every detail, on the beat, the style of song, on the subject, some people like to drink to create, others like smoking, some people like it quite, some need a whole crew, plus besides the music everyone has they own life, own schedules, side hustles, families, own hobbies. Trust us, it is hard, and sometimes sacrifices are made, but everyone knows: you only get out, what you put in.

Tell us about “Broke No More” and the inspiration behind it?

We think the hook says it all lol "I just wanna drip in Gucci, I don't wanna be 'Broke No More' , "I Wanna Big ass house, with some marble floors, a couple cars chilling out side my door!" We all just want the finer things in life, financial comfort, the Motivation is success.

How does “Broke No More” differentiates itself from your other releases?

We put our heart in ALL of our music, but  'Broke No More' is just special. Everything about it, the beat is f*ckn dope !! (produced by our own Cris-G) Our flow is sooo smooth, the lyrics are fun and catchy, it's relatable, and now the Video ! !!! The Video is too DOPE !! shout out @Sharp_Shootaz on the amazing work, you can't watch the video and not want to turn up.

Describe the perfect setting to listen to “Broke No More” ?

Perfect Setting to listen to  'Broke No More' would be  with the people you love, the people you turn up with, your fiends, family, at a kick back, at the bar. It's perfect while working out, while pre-gaming, or at the Club, when cruising, or especially when you're celebrating,  'Broke No More' is the anthem for having Good Times.

Anything exciting planned for you two?

We have new music videos (or should we say: MOVIES!!) on the way so make sure to subscribe on Youtube. Plenty of great New music coming very soon! Also follow us on instagram, we constantly have funny skits, contest, give-aways and information for upcoming shows. 


Catch Big Runts on the artists socials:


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