Big Runts Releases “Broke No More”

Cris-G and Bulldog Steven who are also known by the stage name as the Big Runts are an upcoming rap duo that hails from California but in more specific, Los Angeles. Big Runts are two very talented individuals who write, produce and direct their own beats, music, and videos. They are on their way to making History, as the first ever Little People rap group in the music industry. Although small in size, they deliver a big musical package with addicting punchlines, witty hooks, and well-executed flow on their latest release “Broke No More”.

“Broke No More” discusses the big dreams Big Runts have in life. They dream of the riches, the glam, and the fast life. They conveyed their dreamlike mentality into a reality with catchy lyrics absorbing its listeners in and creating a fan affect on others- which will eventually lead this duo to the top of the game and to receive everything they work for and envision in “Broke No More”. An interesting element of “Broke No More” was the beat/instrumental (completely produced by the group themselves). I can hear the classic synthesizer sound most music use to have, which was a nice distinctive characteristic for the song.

You can tell this duo is highly passionate about their music, and have a captivating appeal towards them. No doubt people will absolutely fall in love with Big Runts and their single “Broke No More”.

Listen to “Broke No More” here and get to know Big Runts in our interview below!

Hey guys, can you tell our readers a little about yourselves?

Cris-G & Bulldogg Steven, who are well known as "BIG RUNTS". 

How did you two meet? When did you guys decide to form a group?

After meeting each other on tv sets of Hollywood (specifically on PitBoss on Animal Planet),  they became great friends and discovered that they both had a great deal of love and passion for music. Finally they got into a recording studio together and took people by surprise with their combination of two different styles. By popular demand they started creating more and working more together. The rest is History.

Do you both produce music as well?

Cris-G is the official Big Runts Producer, although they work with many artist of all kinds (rappers, singers, engineers, producers), 80% of Big Runts Music is created in house produced by Cris-G.

What has been the most challenging aspect in collaborating on a project?

Cris-G was born and raised in LA, while Bulldogg was born and raised on the East Coast in Boston, both grew up with different styles. Both are strong minded individuals, and both are very passionate, so with that being said of course they often see things differently, and have different opinions on different things. The hardest part of any partnership is learning when to agree to disagree.

What’s the meaning behind “Broke No More” to you guys?

"Broke No More" it's about having fun, but working hard. Its the Goal, the anthem for anyone and everyone who just wants to be successful. Its about the American dream, about taking care of your family while remaining humble. "Broke No More" is about wanting the finer things in life. Its about wanting to buy your momma a house, and tell her she can retire early. 

If you could change anything about the music industry right now what would you choose and why?

If we could change one thing in the Music Industry right now it would be the clout riding. 

We would tell the people: make your own decisions, Take the time to listen to new music/artist and decide if you ACTUALLY like it because you like it, or is it because you were programed to like it. Do you Actually like the Music/Artist? or do you like it because your friends like it, or do you like the amount of followers they have, or is it  the amount of views on youtube?  WE SAY "Be true to yourself", don't wait for someone to co-sign. 

What can we expect from Big Runts in 2019?

2019 Big Runts is in the Building !!!!! you can expect: Mob Out Events (Big Runts Mob outings),  Meet-n-Greets, New Music, New Videos, New Merch., Bigger Shows, Bigger Venues!



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