Big Sailor Baby Connects On A Homerun With His Spacy New Hit, “Far Gone”

Big Sailor Baby reigns supreme as an independent artist, songwriter, and producer. The Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, native grew up in a musically inclined household. Influenced by his father's guitar playing and singing, he spent his school years partaking in the school choir and band programs. Embarking on his journey as a solo artist in 2014, Big Sailor Baby constructed his home studio and engineered his music.

Applying his creative focus on past failures as a teen and young adult struggling with drug abuse and rehabilitation, Big Sailor Baby fabricates sounds composed of cascading emotions. The melodic maestro delivers on all expectations with "Far Gone," released on October 19th. The unhurried-tempo piece discourses the toxic feud between two lovers unable to give up or give in to their emotions.

Big Sailor Baby's velvety vocals enter your eardrums as water would the ocean. The coherence of the whole is undeniable as his voice is superimposed on a big, R&B-influenced pop instrumental. Beautifully mixed, the song submerges you in its vibrant sound, all while keeping the prominence of its lyrics' deep and dark undertone. Entrapping the audience in a sonically-induced stupor, "Far Gone" caters to every necessary emotion Big Sailor Baby wishes to provide to his listeners.

With an array of invaluable artistic skills at his disposal, Big Sailor Baby seemingly has limitless potential. Partnered with his well-versed pen game and indisputable emotional maturity, it's inarguable that Big Sailor Baby has a rightful place in the music industry.

Congratulations on your new single, "Far Gone." How much emphasis do you put on personal experiences when creating such an emotional song?

Thank you! And a lot. When I think about it, Im a creator than needs to feel connected to whatever piece of work I want to begin working on. I don't think I can create any meaningful part without tapping into certain events from my past.

What value do you attribute to being so vulnerable and emotional in your music?

That's the simple answer. Having hindsight now, I had many tragic things happen in my life I couldn't control, from losing friends and another losing their life in front of my eyes and doing nothing. I spiraled into a bad drug addiction where it led me to 9 rehabs, being homeless in Philadelphia, and incarcerated three times before the age of 21. I was forced out of my comfort zone. But if none of those events took place, I wouldn't have learned to tap into my emotional field of energy to create meaningful pieces of music.

How does being so open about your past, in your music, affect you when performing your songs live?

By being so open the way I am in my music and current life, I would say it affects me from a positive standpoint when performing or creating new music. I can give people a feeling they may have been looking to experience themselves or relate to it because they already feel the same. However, I still have to lie down at night and remember that those weren't good days, and it still has a mental effect on me today. If a song is significant, I may cry during the performance because the energy still carries over for me.

What can new listeners expect when they put one of your songs on for the first time?

A new listener can expect to feel the energy I was trying to convey in my song. They can expect to relate to my songs because I try to detail my music about relationships from a toxic male perspective. I was a very toxic boyfriend to many girls before. But they can always expect me to have clean, meaningful music that is also danceable. They can always expect a dance-pop song, and R&B, and a hyper pop song. Those are my main three.

What can we anticipate hearing next?

My next single, "Average Typical," is a hyper pop genre song released on November 12, 2021. In this song, I play the part of an average, typical guy who wants to holler at a girl and thinks her current boyfriend is goofy and that she is better with me instead of him. It's a very modern Autotune/hyper pop with a lot of energy. After that, it's a book release for "Rappreneur, The complete history of hip-hop and why it's your business."