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BIG VENTI & Rickstarrdidit Pay Tribute To The Loyal “GROUPIES”

Los Angeles-based slick hip-hop artist BIG VENTI teams up with versatile producer and rapper Rickstarrdidit for their hot new single, "GROUPIES."

BIG VENTI and Rickstarrdidit are two powerhouse forces in the modern hip-hop scene. On the one hand, BIG VENTI's thousands of loyal listeners keep returning for his infectious party vibe and unique take on genre-bending hip-hop. On the other hand, Rickstarrdidit is skilled hip-hop, electronic, and pop producer who's worked alongside names like Chief Keef, Don Trip, and Rondo Numba9.

Together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Rickstarrdidit mentioned that he's currently working closely alongside BIG VENTI on an upcoming album that includes a track featuring rapper The Game. Until then, we're moving and grooving to BIG VENTI and Rickstarrdidit's big and bold new tune, "GROUPIES."

Hitting play on this banger of a single, we're met with Rickstarrdidit on the hook, playfully letting us know that all he's looking for is some alone time with the "GROUPIES." As his production begins heating the scene, BIG VENTI bulldozes the first verse with his dominant bars and laidback flow that leaves us bopping our heads to his rhythmic delivery.

BIG VENTI takes on the second verse with such authority and undeniable confidence that it's infectious; he wastes no time letting us know that he's the "Big Boss," so the groupies naturally flock. Rickstarrdidit on the hook and his dreamy, hazy production offers the perfect modern hip-hop vibe that's quite literally music to our ears.

Allow BIG VENTI and Rickstarrdidit to remind you of the benefits of living the luxurious hip-hop lifestyle in their latest single, "GROUPIES," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BIG VENTI & Rickstarrdidit. We love the playful yet relaxed vibe within your spicy new single, "GROUPIES." When did you start executing ideas and creating this song? What inspired it?

BIG VENTI: First of all, appreciate the love! Rickstarrdidit sent me the beat and his hook for "GROUPIES" through iMessage, and I was like, “this sounds like a movie; we gotta record on this now! Lyrically, I was inspired by my experiences being in the limelight in Hollywood.

Rickstarrdidit: My homie/A&R Artur introduced me to BIG VENTI. Ever since we linked, it's been magic. When I wrote the hook, I was making the beat, and I thought to myself, hmmm, this sounds like a drake track.

Rickstarrdidit, what was it like collaborating with BIG VENTI for "GROUPIES?" What was your favorite part about that experience?

First off, It was an amazing experience meeting BIG VENTI! I was with him every step of the way. Regarding our track “GROUPIES,” I was going through some tracks I had on my computer that were apparently unfinished reference tracks. Soon as I opened up “GROUPIES,” which was intended to be a reference track for Drake, I just knew I had to send it to Venti asap!

BIG VENTI and Rickstarrdidit, what was your goal with "GROUPIES"? How did you want listeners to feel when hearing it for the first time?

BIG VENTI: I had one goal with this- for people to catch a VIBE when they listen. It’s one of those tracks you play first thing in the morning to set the mood for your day. This is some of that real talk, boss energy music.

Rickstarrdidit: My goal for “GROUPIES” was for it to be a club smash! I envisioned myself performing the hook at club LIV. I wanted people to feel like they are the ish when this track comes on while repeating the hook.

BIG VENTI, how do songs like "GROUPIES" represent you and the music you create? Do you usually create such feel-good, party-like tracks?

Feel good, party tracks are my forte. We should all be in this life for a good time. That’s why I named my upcoming debut album “Party Hills.” It drops on August 19….look out for it!

Rickstarrdidit, this release was such a hit. Do you and BIG VENTI plan on doing more collaboration in the future?

I plan to work with BIG VENTI for many years to come. We have a lot more hits coming. This is just the beginning!


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