BIGG Impresses With His New Song "AMG Dreaming"

If you’ve been vying for an nostalgic song that expresses genuine emotions and thoughts then you should surely check out Vietnamese and Australian rapper ‘BIGG’. His new single release “AMG Dreaming”, we can for sure add to all of our laid back, smooth-sailing playlists. BIGG was born in Ha Noi, a place where rap and hip hop is almost non-existent. When he was only 10 years old his father played an Eminem CD in the car and it drew the attention of this upcoming artist. You can tell that his father played a big role in BIGG’s musical journey as his single AMG feels as if he is communicating how he feels towards his dad or someone of some sort of father figure in his life. Lyrically saying things like “When I stepped on that Pedal, I felt it I felt it” “I just want to make you proud of me the way that I’m proud of you, they say that I’m your prodigy, I never say this to your face but i love you too”. BIGG gives us a unique spin on the song as he sings in the beginning hook and transitions into him spitting the way he feels about his personal journey. The artist makes a connection with the younger generation through elements that aren’t negative, but elements that most can relate too as we all have had that feeling of “Peer Pressure” “Inspirational figures” and wanting to amount up to something we know we are capable of. FUN FACT: English not being his first language, the artist had a hand in self-teaching himself the language through lyrics of his favorite songs. His Debut Album entitled “All Out” is the perfect representation of this artist suave ways which was presentable in this single. “AMG Dreaming” draws its listeners in with it’s sentimental mixed with trap beat that you’re naturally bound to fall in love with! We’re absolutely in love with this artists talent and story that holds a distinction from other hip hop artists in the music industry currently. Don’t forget to listen to “AMG Dreaming” and check out BIGG on his social media.

Listen to "AMG Dreaming" here.

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