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BigTreeSteve Simply “Can’t Go Slow”

Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, BigTreeSteve knows you need a sick track when being on the highway, so he steps on the accelerator of Hip hp with his song “Can’t Go Slow.”

BigTreeSteve spent his childhood near the speedways of Daytona Beach, where he learned to love speed; combined with the love for music inherited from his parents, BigTreeSteve became a fan of the fast pace that is now the heart of his new single “Can’t Go Slow” and a reflection of his uprising career.

In “Can’t Go Slow,” BigTreeSteve shows a tremendous ability to select instrumentals at the perfect timing to create an ambiance of energy and euphoria; listening to it it feels like being in a car race, and you are about to arrive at the first place. Besides, his vocal abilities to keep up with the fast pace and his powerful voice are BigTreeSteve’s presentation card as a great artist.

The track starts with a hyping melody, alongside hi-hats and a buzzing bass that takes your mind to the highways, feeling the wind and hearing the motor roaring. As the voice of BigTreeSteve gets in, his fast lyrics and the striking energy of his voice accelerate your mind and raise the adrenaline. Plus, the vocal effects are in perfect timing, making “Can’t Go Slow” a constant charge of excitement.

Once "Can't Go Slow" ends, it's like finishing a sprint, and the natural reaction is to jump and bang your head, letting out a 'wow!' escape from your chest. This is just the beginning of a promising career for an artist such as BigTreeSteve, whose talent is taking him up as fast as a Daytona beach racing car.

If there is a song to make any moment more exciting and get your head racing, that is "Can't Go Slow." Don't be slow, and go listen to it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic BigTreeSteve, and congratulations on your latest release, "Can't Go Slow." What experiences were your inspiration to create “Can’t Go Slow?”

This year I have been working nonstop, all the time. I barely have time for myself anymore, but I still keep going. It felt like I was physically incapable of going slow. Honestly, it's kind of a “talk my sh*t” record. I’m pretty humble, but I felt like in the past I’d been too humble, and people mistake it for a lack of confidence. I recorded the song in like ten minutes at my engineer's spot. We pulled up the beat, and I started rapping about how I felt at the time, haha. I often found myself sitting around thinking about how people can be so extra sometimes. I was just tired of all the fake and started focusing on myself exclusively. Living fast, doing what you want to do, and not worrying about who cares.

What was your greatest musical influence when making “Can’t Go Slow?”

A lot of different things, but it all started with the vibes from the beat. The record is produced by Juzi, he’s really my brother through it all, and he’s an insane producer. He uses a lot of crazy EDM-esque synth sounds, leads, basically things you don’t usually hear in most trap records nowadays. The energy was hella high, and I had to keep it there, so I used a really fast-paced flow to match it. It's a weird mixture, but it worked out well. I like taking influence from other genres and implementing it into my music. It’s way more personal that way like this is me.

How has your path in the academy of arts influenced your music?

It didn’t directly influence my music in the way you would think. I first got there in 2019 and met a bunch of talented artists, filmmakers, musicians, producers, recording artists, and overall creatives from all over the world. Just getting to know people opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t have been able to see prior. I still have some great relationships from there. It made me see the common ground of being an artist: just creating. I think I needed to see it broken down like that because sometimes you get in your own head about stuff. It taught me how to be a better collaborator as well. Shoutout BlvckTanner, TrxggaTre, and Sean Ems, by the way. Those are my guys.

Where do you picture yourself going with your music?

Everything is lined up for me right now, and the future is looking really bright. Truthfully, I’ve been speaking a lot of things into existence this far; I truly believe manifestation works if done correctly too. I picture myself doing bigger shows in different states, selling out these venues, touring the country, and getting a couple of hit records under my belt, for starters. The key thing is gaining momentum, and then the sky’s the limit. I feel like I can’t be stopped.

What's next for you?

I’ve been branching out a lot lately, and it’s really exciting. Lately, I've been expanding the type of tracks I’ve been making. I got a lot of Alternatives, RnB and Pop records, I want to show the world. I still feel like my supporters haven’t heard me actually sing yet, besides at shows. I have like full ballads in the tuck. Been playing with really talented bands and instrumentalists, live and in the studio. It’s super fun. I also got into writing for other artists and have some big things in store on that end too. The people are just gonna have to stick around and see what goes down; I can guarantee they won’t be disappointed.


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