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Biispo Is Back With An Ambient New Single “Go Back” Ft. Tess

Dance/Pop/Electronic music producer Biispo from California brings unique and diverse tracks to today’s music industry. Producing since 16 years old, Biispo is currently cultivating his own individual style.

Biispo presents a gorgeously ambient and calming new single and soundscape with his brand new release “Go Back” Ft. Tess. Utilizing every second that makes up the three-minute journey,

Biispo offers a blissful listening experience that appeals from the offset and slowly but surely enhances the warm aura. “Go Back” Ft. Tess leads with a colorful, spacious yet entrancing ambiance, built up of various flickers of synths and a delicately optimistic series of notes. As things progress, there’s a subtle sense of rising energy.

The lyrics, the very concept and title of the song, and the consistent movement musically throughout, all help the calmness evolve into an incredibly uplifting mood. Tess’ leading voice sounds beautiful in this context, perfectly in keeping with the vibe of the track but also offering just enough personality and passion to let the words connect and to make the sound recognizable. We’re loving the consistent hits that Biispo brings to the table. 

Hey Biispo! Congrats on the new single. What can you tell us about “Go Back” Ft. Tess? What inspired you to create the song, and what do you hope that people take away from it?

This song was inspired by my best friend. In this song, I've given a bit of mystery through my lyrics here and there that lead the listener to know, overall, that the subject of the song wants to go back to a previous time period. That previous time period was a time when my friend was not struggling with many of his personal life trials that he's accumulated over time as he's gotten a little older. This song is also through my perspective as well in some lyrics. I ping-pong back and forth between the main subject of the song as well as myself. This song is very personal to me. The key point that I hope that the listener can take away from this song is that even though the main point of the song is to "Go Back" to a previous time when things might seem better, try and appreciate what and who you have in the present because you never know what circumstances can alter that.

What do you think makes a truly memorable or striking song? What are the qualities that let it reach out in a profound way?

To me, a truly memorable or striking song that can reach out in a profound way has a great storyline, lyrics that really make you think, and a sound that is great yet has its own uniqueness to it. 

How did the collaboration with Tess come about?

Tess is actually a really close friend of mine. I was crafting this song with someone else in mind to sing it and I had her sing the demo so that I can send it to the other person, but after she sang it I really liked her voice for it so we went forward with the production.

Have you worked together in the past?

We have worked together in the past. When I was in need of vocal samples for my previous single "Hollow", she was able to help me out with the vocal samples.

What are your thoughts on contemporary music? What are your hopes for your genre and style going forward?

I think contemporary music is ever-evolving, which is great! I think it is an exciting climate right now because one element of present contemporary music, that I am a fan of, is the blending of different genres. My hope for my genre and style going forward is to be ever-evolving as well, but to still have a unique characteristic that is set apart from the rest.

What other projects are you working on through the end of 2019?  

I am working on quite a few projects at the moment. I am currently in the process of producing another artist's EP, I am on the cusp of finishing and releasing another single near the end of September/early October, and I am a little more than halfway done with finishing my EP. I am excited to see these projects progress.

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