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BILETSKA Navigates Love's "Obstacles," In A New Single

From Ukraine to New York City and finally Nashville, singer-songwriter and recording artist BILETSKA releases a hazy and passionate tune entitled "Obstacles."

With a dream of fleeing Ukraine and making a name for herself in the United States, that vision came true for BILETSKA when she moved to New York City as a part of her university's "work and travel" program. Having studied stage performance, singing, and earning a bachelor's degree in tour management, BILETSKA was later accepted by The Voice and toured Europe with Michael Angelo Batio.

Now residing in Nashville "Music City" Tennessee, BILETSKA is taking her career one step further with prominent releases like "Obstacles." The song is the perfect representation of living life with a bounty of obstacles ahead, navigating your way through the trials and tribulations of love and its long-lasting effects.

Expanding on the new single, "Obstacles," the song brightly opens with chiming keyboard melodies and groovy mid-tempo drum patterns. As the heavy kick begins to pound through our speakers alongside a hazy and mysterious synth, BILETSKA makes her warm and haunting vocal appearance while expressing her thoughts on the obstacles of tragic love.

"We're on the crossroads of our love and fear" is a perfect example of BILETSKA's thoughtful and compelling lyricism that paints several relatable and unsettling images in our minds. She carries a certain relentless attitude that's equally as infectious as it is motivating, allowing listeners to understand the depths of her emotion while inviting them to relate with her tender words of love and loss.

Jump over your "Obstacles" with help from BILETSKA's new single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BILETSKA. We're truly impressed with the depth and passion you've brought to your new single, "Obstacles." What inspired you to create this emotional piece?

You know my life has not always been easy and I’ve been through a lot to become who I am right now. I would say that I’m in control of everything in my life but my emotions, I always act impulsive and express what’s within my heart, even though it’s very wrong in most cases. Obstacles are about someone abusive that makes you feel like you are on a rollercoaster all the time. It’s always extreme and you are living on the edge, minutes before your mental breakdown, but also you don’t want to live a boring life after all.

What was your songwriting process like for "Obstacles?" What images or scenes did you want to offer the listener?

My songwriting process always comes out of the blue. When I’m feeling a lot and need to get it out of me. Lyrics normally just pour out of me and I can write it really fast, and record melodies/progression on the voice memos. The first thing that comes to my mind is when someone is choking you and you are about to pass out, as the song goes: “leather gloves, choking rough”. Another scene would be an emotional sacrifice “but I’m still here for you, even though the pain you know I love you too” to make someone else feel better in a very dark time, but nobody does really care about how you feel.

What sort of vibe or atmosphere did you want the production to give off in "Obstacles?" Who helped create the song's production?

It’s kind of a dark/hopeless atmosphere mixed with some sexy vibes, don’t know how better to describe it. Chris Gill and Gavin Shea were working with me on the production for this song. They are amazing and I love working with them, in fact, we are meeting tomorrow for a new song I wrote recently, that's going to be on my EP.

Do you usually release songs with mysterious, hazy, and dark undertones, similar to "Obstacles?" Is this sound la regular occurrence for you?

Yes, it’s more of a regular occurrence. The next couple of songs I'm working on is also dark, sexy, but upbeat. My other mysterious/dark songs would be “Truce” and “Changes”.

What's next for you?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m working on new music, that's gonna be turned into an Ep. My first music video for “Changes” is coming out in mid-February. I’m very excited. I'm planning on shooting another one in March for the song that I'm recording tomorrow. After I release the ep, I’m gonna look for band members so I can finally play some live shows.


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