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Billie Rogue Leaps Into a New Sound With Her Dense Single, "Pursuit of X"

The Canadian singer-songwriter, producer, and electronic/metal artist Billie Rogue struts down a new path with her electronic-industrial-sounding single, "Pursuit of X."

As a former frontwoman for the extreme metal band Anakra, Billie Rogue found herself earning a positive and fearless reputation around the Toronto music scene. Now steering away from her typical acoustic-metal sound, Billie Rogue is excited to release her forthcoming debut EP, 'ECLECTRIC,' where she will further delve into the sounds of electronic-industrial.

Through her latest grimey and foot-stomping single, "Pursuit of X," Billie Rogue showcases a feistier and more dominant edge that's bound to draw listeners into her explorative ventures. With help from fierce and distorted electric guitar riffs and Billie Rogue's low groaning mezzo vocals, the song gets us ready to brace for impact.

Opening "Pursuit of X" are heavy and groaning electric guitar riffs accompanied by upbeat crashing drum breaks that set the song's lively and gritty tone. As Billie Rogue's deep and anthemic vocal stylings pour through our speakers, we instantly feel this stimulating and exhilarating sonic sensation that leaves us in a deep and dark trance.

We are incredibly enamored by the overall listening experience, as everything from the blistering guitars to Billie Rogue's dense vocal portrayal leaves us stomping our feet amid the song's intense and ominous atmosphere. With the addition of retro synth melodies that liven the song's background instrumentals, Billie Rogue sprints towards the song's end while keeping us locked and loaded to hear more tracks like this in the near future.

Catch Billie Rogue's ferocious single, "Pursuit of X," on all digital streaming platforms. Be sure to stay updated with Billie Rogue as she prepares to drop her forthcoming debut EP, 'ECLECTRIC," later this year.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Billie Rogue. We're deeply impressed by the raw and anthemic tones within your recent single, "Pursuit of X." What inspired the song's lyrical content and theme?

Hello, hello! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. The lyrical content was loosely inspired by a novel called The Alchemist and its author, Paulo Coelho's, philosophy on how the "universe conspires around you to get what you want". He believes in fate and intuition, all that. I don't consider myself a "spiritual person" exactly, but it is something that touches me and keeps me hopeful in times of dysphoria and disappointment. On the other hand, Pursuit of X is about my search for some kind of “destination. Like the ‘X’ on a treasure map. We may or may not know what it is or consists of, regardless, we want it. It’s about not having enough faith in your future that you need to compensate it with some pretentious, faux-ambition--just to have control. Maybe even to flex for the 'Gram. This is all due to dissatisfaction. Restlessness. You’re ravenous for more; a purpose—when you don’t even know what your purpose is. Your perception is distorted. You’re so focused on gold when you still don’t even know who you are. Song's pretty much me calling myself out and the toxic "hustle culture".

Being that you're a producer as well, did you tackle the entire production/sonic creative process for "Pursuit of X?" What sort of sound and feel were you aiming to achieve?

Yes, I did--I was in charge of everything. In the early moments of making it, I didn't have a specific intention mind other than BADASS. Being that I'm fairly new to synths and all that midi goodness, I'm very experimental in my process and so I'm in this trance-like state to even focus on a specific 'goal'. For me, if it sounds like a head-bop, then it's in the right direction and I go from there. I guess I could say that a track that I was replaying over and over during the times of making it was Ministry's "Land of Rape[seed] and Honey". It's this repetitive but addictive EBM anthem from '88. I think that's why Pursuit of X ended up with the retro, old-school tinge to its sound.

Should we expect to hear "Pursuit of X" on your forthcoming debut EP, 'ECLECTRIC?' Does the upcoming project mark a change or shift in your sound?

Heck yeah. This EP is a whole new chapter for 'BillieRogue'. This is the material I feel confident in because it's where I feel more represented and empowered, and it's allowed to discover more about my identity, and capabilities, as an artist. My music continues to grow and change, at this point, I call myself "genre-fluid". One song could be straight up industrial-metal-- but then the next track could be jammy, post-metal. Or another could be electronica. I don't know, but I love being versatile like that. C'mon talent!

What inspired you to steer away from your typical acoustic-metal sound and venture down the path of electronic-industrial? How has your musical past prepared you for this transition and shift?

Pure dissatisfaction. I do love dark, brooding songs but making that, didn't make me feel empowered. It didn't represent ME. Mix that with the fact that at the time of the "Acoustic-Metal era" I was not in a good place mentally and it showed. I don't want my artistry to be defined like that--this sad-girl metal thing. Many things inspired me to venture into this new sound: video games, the 90s--early 2000s action flicks, being an Asian female in the male-dominated, metal genre. The catalyst of it all was Bjork's Army of Me. Since I was 11 it's been one of my favorite songs like EVER. I don't know if I could say my musical past 'prepared' me because this change was quite sudden and just happened...BUT I've always had a fascination with composing with midi; I've always incorporated it--ever since my old songs because I wanted my music to be a cinematic soundtrack experience.

What's your favorite release of 2021, from an independent artist you admire?

ME. Lol just kidding. I'm probably gonna have to say Levitanaut by Blind Ivy, they're an underground band from Russia (Hi, Anna!). Levitanaut is basically just a three-song acoustic EP of their heavy songs. Check them out, their lead singer is a female with the most insane extreme vocals. I also see quite a few releases from my artist friends planned out this summer. It makes me excited to see, considering there's some hope for the pandemic to fade away. We all need new things to celebrate while we wait.


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