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Billy Mick Wants Us To Know That We’re All Just “Flesh And Bone”

Billy Mick is a gay singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. Currently working on his debut studio album, Billy has already released three incredible singles. After attending Manchester Pride in 2018, he was inspired to write the third single, “Flesh and Bone”. He was recently honored to perform at Inspire Orlando and at the Miss GayDays Pageant in Orlando. 

“Flesh and Bone” is everything we wanted it to be and more! It surpassed our expectations through it’s empowering and energetic vibe. “Flesh and Bone” is incredibly catchy and uplifting throughout. The opening moments lay out something to relate to and the later sections add entire new levels of entertainment value. While Billy Mick’s vocal is loud and cheerful enough from the start to carry a song like this with authenticity and vibrancy, that central performance only evolves to become even more attention grabbing and striking as it goes on. With an overall message of love, empowerment and acceptance, we can’t get enough of “Flesh and Bone”. The energy and brightness of Billy’s voice and the track in full intensifies throughout and we can’t wait to hear his full album! Stay tuned!

Check out “Flesh and Bone” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Hey Billy! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started in the music industry?

I’ve been singing and writing songs since I was old enough to talk. My dad was very into the Rolling Stones, Bob Seger; more Rock n’Roll. My mom liked more of the Pop, like The Beach Boys, Frankie Avalon. And I would just lay in my room for hours a day listening to all of their records. I’ve just always had a great love of all music!

Was there a specific event/person in your life that made you get into music/ start recording your material?

Last year, my husband and I traveled to Manchester Pride; the amazing sense of community and acceptance was awe inspiring! Seeing so many diverse, talented performers on the musical stages really made me feel like the time was right for me to start getting my music out there. I wanted to be on those stages!

Who are you musical influences and how do they help shape your sound?

My biggest influences are Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks, Tina Turner and Cher! My music taste is pretty eclectic and my songs are as well. I don’t think about needing to try to fit songs together when I’m writing. I just let it flow and sometimes it comes out dancey sometimes it’s poppy, sometimes it rock n’roll and some say it’s a little bit country.

What does “Flesh and Bone” mean to you? What do you want your listeners to take away from it?

I wrote Flesh and Bone after Manchester Pride! I had just experienced so much love, so much togetherness and such a strong sense of community. After that event, all I could think of was, “if everyone across the world could always be like this with each other, this world would be a pretty amazing place.” My hope is people will listen to this and be inspired to spread love and be more accepting of differences.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming album? We can’t wait to hear more!

“Just B.” is an album about celebrating life, love, individuality and equality! I did all of the music which was really cool because I was really able to get in all of these different styles and have a through line of lyrics. It took me a long time to really find my voice and I was able to realize it with this album!


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